Reward Yourself

I'm a big believer in diversity. Diversity in your financial portfolio, diversity in your marketing plan, diversity in your social networks, etc. Which leads me to diversity of points of views and in honor of this diverse thinking I'm turning over Bartleby's Blog this week to Kelsey Dunn, B&A's first intern. I view this blog as a real life learning center and as cool as I am I feel we can learn from many different people in our lives and I want you to learn from others outside of me. As a B&A Intern, Kelsey has learned a lot about small business from me over the past few weeks but I have learned a lot from her as well on how to be a better teacher and delegator. Diversification! So without further due please welcome Bartleby's first guest blogger, Kelsey Dunn. (Applause!!)

You work hard.  We all know it.  Like the infamous saying, “work hard, play hard,” I’ve learned that a balance is absolutely necessary.  I recently graduated from the College of Charleston, with a double major, and I did it in exactly four years, while working full time.  The last semester was incredibly challenging for not only academic assignments, but also on my ability to find time for myself.  For the most part, I closed myself off from the world, put my head down and focused on my work until it was time to hit the pillow.  I may not have played hard by any means, but I still had ways to reward myself for completing an assignment or getting through a busy work week.  Facebook was my answer for everything.  I allowed myself to get on facebook for 10 minutes after I got through one of many tough assignments, otherwise I was forbidden to peek (torture, I know).  But by developing this strategy, I solved all my problems.  Not only did I avoid the distraction that Facebook is so well known for, but I was also motivated to finish the task as soon as I could.  Then, since I could not attend many social events with real people in real outside places, I was able to still communicate with friends, catch up on being nosey, and see through pictures that there’s a world I can rejoin after I achieve my degree.

You may be at the point in your career where you think there’s just no time to get side tracked and have time for yourself. Rewarding yourself for hard work and completing tasks keeps you motivated and refreshed. Be a little more selfish, you deserve it.  Find your 10-minute method of relief, whether it’s a phone call to home, checking out what new clothes are online or walking your pet.  Whatever it is, take a break, remove yourself from the pressures, and then return to your work with the end goal of another reward.  If you prioritize correctly, you will find yourself building a structure to get more tasks done and really enjoy the result.

I know Ronii is a believer in personal rewards and wouldn’t mind me sharing with you a trick of her own.  At the end of the day, Ronii’s inbox will be empty, because she would like to reward herself with a cold beer.  Her ability to promptly respond and manage the growing number of daily emails is an accomplishment motivated by her own enjoyment after it is done.  Ronii’s strategy allows her to keep a focused workday, followed by a reward for how much work she rocked out.  Then again, we all know Ronii deserves a beer, regardless, for her achievement as one of the “Most Influential Women in Business” nomination.

So, let’s just think about what reward works for you.  No on likes a cheater, so finish your tasks then indulge.  Or else you will be multitasking, and doesn’t that just take longer? 

That’s all for now, I’m treating myself to a movie before bed.