What Are You The Best At?

Last week I spent 2 days pushing a milk and flour mixture through a sieve to get the lumps out for the best butter cream frosting I have ever put in my mouth. Honestly, it was tedious, time consuming and hand cramping but it was so worth it when you tasted that icing. My friend Clare has a baking business, Caketacular, and she was one of the sponsors at CupcakeCamp Charleston this past weekend and I helped her get ready and present her cupcakes. All the pushing of flour and milk through a sieve was worth every minute when she got the compliments that her icing was the best at the show.

I know you are wondering how I’m going to relate this back to business. I wondered that to when I sat down to write this post but the connection is obvious – it may be painstaking but it is worth it to be the best at what you do. My friend is the best at making icing so she needs to play that up when she is selling her baking business and her niche is that she has better butter cream than anyone else and customers are going to pay more for her mouthwatering butter cream.  If you are the best at what you do you make that your marketing message and price it at a premium that the market can bear.

CupcakeCamp Charleston was hectic and nerve racking but a complete blast. We talked to may people that gave us great feedback on Caketacular’s cupcakes, which spurred us to visit other cupcakeries and bakeries over the weekend and taste test other’s cupcakes to figure out what others do that she does better and what ideas can she implement in her business to make it better. I will admit, it is awesome having a bestie that is a baker (I have been applying for the taste tester job for years now) because I woke up to Champagne cupcakes for a few days. Score! Actually, there are 2 lessons here, figure out what you do the best and find a good friend that is baker.