Can I Suck the Life Out of You?

Have you ever gotten to the end of the day and been like, "if I have to think about anything anymore my head is going to explode?" Raise your hand ... I'll wait ... Yes? Me too. It is like every person you come across needs something and they need it now and your behind and handling people just drains the energy out of you. You, like me, have reached the point where you need help. Not help like a therapist (although maybe but that's a personal issue I'll let you deal with) but help as in another person you can assign tasks too because your business is sucking the life out of you. Gulp!

You can not do everything yourself. I'm sorry, you just can't. You need help. I reached this point a couple of months ago and realized it when I was getting so overwhelmed that it was paralyzing me. I couldn't concentrate and paper started piling up on my desk and I found myself putting things off that really shouldn't because I was just so overwhelmed that I didn't even know where to start. This is unlike me because I'm a business manager and (please insert sarcasm here) Ta-da! I can do everything. Well, I can't do EVERYTHING. I need help but I have zero extra cash to actually pay someone to help. What do I do?

Is this the same dialogue going through your head right now? Well, being a small business and on a limited budget I started telling people I needed help and within about 2 days I had a referral for the most amazing intern, who I loving call Coco now (you will be seeing a blog post from her soon). One thing lead to another and now I have a huge plan coming together for the new year with lots of exciting changes. The point of all this rambling is - don't let the 'elephant vampire' suck all the life out of your business to the point you are paralyzed. Find help of some sort or you will get burnt out and end up hating what you do because you can't do it all. On top of that you never know who you will find that has a different skill set than your's that can help you take your business to a whole new level. Just take the leap of faith. I did and it has made all the difference.