Business as Unusual

I'm Bartleby and I'm the Bartles & Associates elephant. It has been three weeks since I started at B&A and it has been a whirl-wind. I have been out networking and working with clients in West Virginia and North and South Carolina and I have meet some amazing people. I started off my B&A adventures in WV working with Realtors consulting them on marketing strategies. Then it was off to NC to work in marketing research and finally back to Charleston to help more business owners with business and marketing strategy and planning.

This experience has taught me an important lesson in relationship marketing. Since I started at B&A, Ronii has been telling me that in today's economy consumers want to work with businesses they trust and have a personal connection too. So as a business owner it is extremely important right now to create a relationship with your customers and potential customers because they want to buy products and services from people they know and like. The hardest part of this type of marketing strategy is that it takes time and you HAVE to be consistent. I find it boring after awhile, but Ronii keeps telling me it is so important because otherwise consumers get confused as to what your company does and what it stands for.

We have so many exciting projects going on at B&A and I'm so excited to be a part of all of it. This is going to be a busy summer and I'm going to be chronicling all my adventures and the lessons I learn along the way. So stay tuned this summer to keep up with me and all the fun stuff at B&A. Feel free to explore our website and learn more about how we help businesses and as always give a shout if you want to start creating that all important relationship with us.

Until next time,