Transparency as a Strategy

Every week on my Facebook Business Page I post the #1 song on my iPod for the week. Normally, the song relates to things happening in my business or my life for that week. I have a purpose for doing this: 1) I want my sphere to get to know me and relate to me and 2) I like it. I had a discussion this week with a client/colleague (more importantly a friend) on being who YOU are in your business and not trying to conform to what the world wants you to be. And how successful can you be at it? Does this transparency strategy depend on your line of business? Your industry? The work you do? Who you are? These are all questions we explored and at the end of the conversation I think the consensus was that owning who you are is the key to success.

It really is just that plain and simple. I have a MBA and I can talk to you about theories on how business works and strategies that have proven to be successful. And I can site all kinds of examples like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Gary Vaynerchuk ... Oprah! But at the end of the day it all comes down to one thing: They are who they are and they own that 100%. You may not agree with everything they do or even like them, but you respect them because they just are who they are and they make it work. I'm not saying go out and just be yourself and success will come to you. No, not at all. Don't get me wrong you have to work VERY hard. Harder than you have ever worked in your life, but be yourself doing it. Consumers will appreciate and respect you more, which in turn makes them want to genuinely want to work with YOU. And those are the people you will want to work with, which will make you (and them) happy and good work will ensue. It is a cycle that will lead to great success.

This week my #1 song on my iPod was John Mayer Trio's: Who Did You Think I was? There are several lines in this song I relate too but one is, "Every morning when the day begins, I make up my mind and then change it back again." Who hasn't done that? I do it all the time! Who am I? I'm complicated. Basically I'm a walking contradiction. I love beer and college football (WVU particularly), laying by the pool with one of my besties, trips that take me to exotic new places that teach me something about the world, my cat and shoes. I'm a business manager by profession, which means the world wants me to be professional and conservative at all times and talk in business lingo and wear suits. But in spirit, I'm a rockstar (contradiction anyone?). I'm a girl from West Virginia that is casual, quirky and, you guessed it ... complicated. I'm the rockstar of business consultants. Who did you think I was?

So I ask this question of you, Who are you?