Do You Love, Love Your Product or Service

I'm an active volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters and my little brother, BJ, is 15 years old now and we celebrate our 9 year anniversary next month. We love to eat and spend a lot of our time having lunch or dinner.  He loves Chinese. Score for me because I love Chinese and it is cheap (he is 15 and eats A LOT - I hear that most 15 year olds do). During these "dates" we talk about how our week went and what is going on in our lives. Well, let me re-phrase that I ask him about school and life and he answers in the shortest phrase possible, "fine." One of my jobs as a mentor is to talk to him about how important an education is for his future. Most of the time I feel like it is me talking AT him rather than TO him but every now and again I get his attention and something resonates with him to ask me more about being a grown up and "careers." My advice to him is to figure out what he is passionate about and then figure out how to make money at that, that way it doesn't really feel like a "job."

I can't emphasize how important it is to love what you "sell" or "do." If you don't believe in your product or service you will never be successful at it because consumers will see right through you and if you don't love what you do why should they? For me, that translates into believing and loving what my clients do or sell. As a business management consultant sometimes my job is to market your services or products, so not only do I have to love what I do and sell but I have to love what you do and sell too. Wow, that makes me exhausted just thinking about how much love I have. It is all about passion, which for me is a strong and powerful word in and of itself.

I'm passionate about helping my clients be successful so I have found the "it" that makes my day not feel like a job. Trust me, I have my doubts and fears and just down right bad days (we all do) but passion for your product or service and those products and services of your clients' is a fundamental component in the formula for your success. I'm passionate about lots of things: helping my clients be successful, Big Brothers Big Sisters, my family and friends' happiness and shoes (this is a recurring theme in my posts). The advice that I give BJ can work for you too - find what you are passionate about and love and then figure out how to make money at it.

So, what are you passionate about?