How Does It Happen?

It never ceases to amaze me how I can walk into my office at one of my clients with a desk piled high of stuff that they have gathered throughout the week; mail, receipts and whatever they think I should have or to take care of and by the end of the day my desk is clean. I walk in feeling overwhelmed and somehow leave with a clean desk. How you ask? That is a question I get a lot because time management is always a hot button with everyone. I’m amazed myself some days how I stay organized all the time and keep your desk clean.

I can’t really explain it. I start with the mail and I just work my way through entering bill to be paid and paying bills that are coming up for the week. I guess I have my own systematic way of working through everything. I can’t explain it to you and it probably wouldn’t work for you. When it comes to organizing I am a believer that you have to find your own system that works for you. What works for me won’t necessarily work for you. The reason for that? My brain doesn’t work the same way yours does. I think very analytically and look at everything as a system. You may not think that way so my system won’t work for you.

The first step in getting organized is to find your natural organization style. Mine is analytical and then visual. I think in numbers and then I need to see those numbers so I like to think about the system and then create it visually. I go into my clients and start with the mail. I get rid of everything I don’t need and then put everything else into different piles. I move onto entering bills into my account system and then onto paying bills. Everything goes onto a to do list and I cross it off as I finish. This may not work you but it does for me. What is your personal organizational system? Are you analytical or visual?