Patience is a Virtue

This week we have the first blog post from our AWESOME marketing starlet and groupie Corinne, aka Coco (and because I was a slacker and didn't write one this week). I love this post because there are days that I myself have to practice some patience and I found her post to be very helpful. I hope you enjoy it and please leave a comment on you patience issues as well.

There are countless stories I could use to kick off this blog entry about patience. Like the woman who cut me in line at the grocery store the other day, slowly and casually, like I wouldn’t notice. Or the person in line ahead of me at the bank, who stood there talking on her phone the entire time, and upon reaching the teller window, emptied the contents of her purse onto the counter in search of her bank card and ID; items she could have been searching for during her wait in line, saving all of us time. This isn’t just about patience in terms of time, like waiting in lines or for a package to arrive or to hear back from an interview; But patience with people and in life- that conceptual patience that I self-admittedly lack and in turn am usually high-strung, anxious, and frustrated.

I know myself well enough to identify that one of my weaknesses - a challenge I have taken great strides in overcoming - is a lack of patience. I did some thinking and began to wonder if this might hinder my chances of becoming the successful businesswoman I’ve always wanted to be. The answer? Of course. Duh! I wish I had realized this a long time ago. This simple trait conveys professionalism, composure, and maturity. In fact, patience as a business and personal strategy can really pay off. Think about it. Instead of getting all worked up about something or someone (and potentially saying or doing something damaging) just take the situation for what it is, take a deep breath, and make the best of it. Be positive. People will perceive you as sturdy, reliable, and understanding. And while some situations may require a bit of haste, it is with good judgment that you can identify these situations and approach them accordingly. 

I recently came across an article about patience. It’s a bullet point plan to maintain patience when you begin to get discouraged. Here are some key points that really resonated with me and hopefully will for you too:

1. Do something else. Get your mind off of whatever it is that’s weighing on you and return to it later.

2. Be still. Sometimes impatience is something else working on you. Maybe it’s that third cup of coffee that’s causing you anxiety. Take a deep breath.

3. Quit. I love this one, especially because it’s true. Quitting for the day can really give some perspective that things really aren’t all that bad. You could have amplified the situation 100x over in your mind.

4. Work on the parts of the job you can do. So you’re working on a group project, and you can’t do your contribution until someone else in the group does theirs (this was a huge trial for me in college). Try to seek research or gaps to help contribute in other ways, and it will ease your mind and your nerves.

It is important to acknowledge that impatience is often perceived as negativity, and the people who are close to me in my life (like my fiancée) make no attempts to sugarcoat this for me. So, whether it’s remembering some key points, or having someone blatantly tell you that you’re always so impatient and negative; my message is to take a step outside of yourself, take a minute, and breathe.

So, does patience-or rather, impatience- hold you back from something in your life? When has patience paid off for you?