Champagne Thursdays

What good is a night out if you can't have champagne. And not everyone gets so many pretty gals to serve it. DATE PHOTOGRAPHED February 11, 1949 Did you see that movie, Failure to Launch, with Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker? Know that part in the beginning of the movie when SJP walks into her house and her roommate, Zoe Deschanel, hands her a glass a champagne and SJP says, "What are we celebrating?" and the roommate says all non-chalant, "Its Champagne Thursday"? No?!?! You need to see it again then.

I have adopted this philosophy at B&A. Being positive and celebrating accomplishments even when you don't think you have one to celebrate. Celebrating because its Thursday is a way for us to slow down and think about all the things that we really have accomplished in the past week. Even though people ask me, "What are we celebrating?" and my reply might be, "Its Thursday" we are still celebrating all that we have accomplished to get to Thursday. I will be celebrating Champagne Thursday this week because B&A is growing and expanding. But next Thursday it might be a celebration because my dog was able to get in the car on her own (she is having some hip problems this winter). Regardless, I'm celebrating. I find that celebrating helps me really appreciate all that has happened in my life and everything that I am grateful for like a beautiful home, new business adventures, a loving family, a significant other that is supportive or that my cat didn't pee on my bed today. All of them are celebrations and make you think about all that you have accomplished. I don't know about you, but when I slow down for Champagne Thursdays and think about all of the things I accomplished it makes me more motivated to get even more done. 

If you stop by the B&A office on any random Thursday for Champagne Thursday we will be celebrating our accomplishments for the week. I challenge you - have your own Champagne Thursday (or any other celebratory drink if you don't like champagne) and see the difference. Or invite me over and I will help you celebrate because its Thursday.