Most Loved Words - Ronii's Version

Coco's post about her Most Loved Words last week has started a trend here at the B&A office and we have each come up with our own list of most loved words now. Here's mine. Enjoy!

  • Kumquat: Say it. How fun is that to say? Not only is it a delicious fruit but kinda dirty in a way. Randomly inject the word into a sentence or question and instantly people are listening to you because they are suprised and thinking about what a Kumquat is. The other day I was having a conversation with a guy who wasn't paying much attention to me and all of a sudden I say, "Do you like Kumquats?" He looked up at me and actually thought about what I had just said to process it and laughed and finally said, "I don't know if I have ever had one." After that he listened to every word I said. Try this at your next networking event. Go around ask people if they like kumquats. I bet they remember you next time you see them.
  • Sultry: God, this is a sexy word. As we were talking about this word in the office, we came up with the analogy that 'Paris is sexy and Italy is sultry.' Its more earthy than sexy but what a brilliantly discriptive word.
  • WTF: This is my sutle way of saying curse words without really offending people. Its just a perfect phrase for when I'm completely befuddled (this will show up later in the post), which seems to happen a lot here recently.
  • Comme ci, comme ca: French for so so. I learned this word my first year of French in high school. Why they taught us this particular word? I don't know. Probably because it is fun to say. But no one says, "How are you?" and your respond, "So so." Who does that? Apparently the French. But it is a really fun word to go around saying.
  • Wiggle: Not only is it fun to say but fun to do as well. Do it! Right now. In your chair. Then, say it while you are doing it - wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. How much fun is that. Do this daily and you'll feel better about everything. Dr. Ronii is out.
  • Sparkle: Um, confession. I have a secret Twilight obsession (Ugh, feels good to confess). Hence, I love all things that sparkle - jewelry, eyes, vampires. Sparkle is such a good distraction too. "Consumers attention spans have become shorter than in the past and now you only have - Ohhhh, sparkly!" (SPARKLY FLASH!! Shameless B&A plug! Contact us if you want to know how long you have to grab consumers' attention when they come your website. We can help you with that.)
  • Befuddled: I added this word as I was typing this post because I realized I kinda love it. I tend to be beffuddled a lot. Its a more elegant way to say that I'm confused all the time. I'm not confused, I'm just befuddled.
  • Flabbergasted: Surprised. So originally, Aga added this word to her list because she heard me say it. I'm taking it back because it is my word and I love it. I found it first. It is so much more fun to say instead of surprised. People flabbergast me.

There are several other words and phrases that I tend to say quiet frequently but are not appropriate to put on a blog post. But if you want to know them give me a shout, buy me a beer and let's talk off the record.