Intern's Perspective

I have learned many things during my internship so far at Bartles & Associates, one of the most important being, no matter how great one’s vision may be when looking at a marketing and branding scheme, it all depends on the client perspective. There have been situations where we have come up with amazing ideas and creative concepts and they just were not feasible or not chosen.

Sometimes when you get caught up in thinking of branding schemes you forget that the ultimate decision is made by the client not you. This can be frustrating because you may feel that they are choosing the wrong option but it doesn’t matter because it’s the client’s happiness that matters most, and if the client is not comfortable with the branding scheme than they will not embody it to the fullest.

For me this concept has been difficult to grasp. In the world of college education we are taught some principles that are just not true for the real world, one of them being that people are rational and the other being that people will only do an action if the return is greater or equal to the amount of units spent on it. This is just not the case in reality. So perhaps the most important lesson I have learned from interning is that the principles one learns in college are far from absolutes.