The Holidays Are Coming! The Holidays Are Coming!

Are you like me and start to notice that stores put up their holiday displays at Halloween? And do you think to yourself - this is too early, we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet? I will venture to say that probably most people react this way. But I think I may know why we have that reaction and why stores do it anyway.

When we first see those displays go up our gut reaction is to go, "CRAP! I'm not ready. Its not even Thanksgiving yet. Where did the year go?" No, its not Thanksgiving yet and in the fall we judge months and time by the holidays because they fall about a month apart from each other. BUT the United States is the only country on the planet that celebrates the wonderful food fest that is Thanksgiving! (I know I'm going to get comments out there about how we are not the only country to celebrate Thanksgiving. But no one celebrates like we do though).

Here's my logic behind this. While I was home in WV last week visiting my brother who is home visiting from South Korea (he has some top secret governement job that I'm not allowed to know anything about, so don't ask) he was showing us some pictures of his new puppy, Lily. Every single person that he showed the pictures to commented about the Christmas tree in the background and he made a joke about how their Christmas tress has been up for 3 months already. I forgot to mention that Brett's wife is Philipino (that will help you understand my point here). Everyone was like, "why, it isn't even Thanksgiving yet?" And Brett would have to respond with the same answer about how in Korea and the Philippeans they don't celebrate Thanksgiving so they begin to celebrate Christmas early because, well, they can and they really like Christmas.

Hmmmmm. (Light Bulb with a bright idea moment) The United States only makes up about 5% of the global populations, companies that have holiday displays up already are global organizations, the whole world (outside of the U.S.) starts celebrating Christmas in October. Do you see it? We are the only country in the world that celebrates Thanksgiving. Companies are cashing in on their global sales not just the U.S. Global organization need to understand its consumers as a whole and we are just a small portion of that, hence holiday displays at Halloween. I'm one smart cookie, huh?

What are your thoughts on starting holiday promotions in October? Do you panic when you see those displays and wonder where the year went?