Green Marketing

Eco Friendly ElephantsSeveral weeks ago I was having writers block and went to our Facebook Fan Page to see if anyone had any good blog ideas they wanted to hear about. My friend Kristi replied back with 2 awesome ideas; green marketing and cause marketing. Both of these marketing strategies are great topics and I decided that I would cover both over the coming weeks. I'm tackling green marketing in this post because over the past 2 months I have realized how important it is to become more environmentally friendly.

Over the past 2 months at B&A we have been slammed busy with writing proposals for different government entities like cities or counties. Almost every single one of these projects has called for us to print anywhere from 5 to 7 proposals with their various forms and ship them to the procurement officer. It made me think about how being an environmentally friendly organization is not only good for the environment but is much more cost efficient. We have spent hundreds of dollars on paper and ink printing out all of these proposals and it has made me appreciate those organizations that market themselves as "green". Because I keep thinking why do these organizations need 5 printed copies of proposals? What harm would it be if they received an email with a PDF version of our proposal? Do they not have computers? If not, then they need a different proposal other than our branding development proposal.

So let's think about this for a minute. Is there even a disadvantage to being a green organization? Some advantages are:


  • You save money on supplies

  • You save time on buying said supplies

  • You save time on printing and shipping

  • Clients and potential clients get information within minutes instead of days

  • Consumers like to work with companies that are environmentally friendly

  • Marketing that your organization is green is easy and the return on investment is high

  • AND it is good for the environment


I don't see any disadvantages. If you think the green movement is just a fad, then you are mistaken. I'm happy to say that B&A is a green company and we like working with other green companies because it saves us all time and money AND it is good for the planet. Are you a green organization or thinking about becoming one?