Its Me, Not You. No, Really, Its You.

Last week I talked in my post about how we did some soul searching at B&A and came up with three things that are our "strength." One of those was market research and getting to know your customer. I find that so many small businesses can't afford or don't know how to use consumer data to research their target market and probably don't even who that target market is. They have the "Its me, not you" mindset but, "no, really, its you." I think it is important to take ourselves out of our businesses and remember that its our clients that we have to focus on. Ask yourself, how do we help others? How do we get to the "its you, not me" point.

One of the best places to start is to look at your marketing copy and shift from "I can do..." to "this is how we help you." Consumers are selfish and want to know how you are going to help them and make their life better and easier. They don't want to know about all the great things you do. You know this. Your a consumer. I think you can be as selfish as you want as a consumer and look to buy products and services that help you but when it comes to your businesses copy put your customer's hat on and write it from their standpoint and how your company can help them.

This small change is wording can really change your customer's image of what you do for them and be more responsive to your marketing. So how can we help you?