Soul Searching

I have to start by saying I apologize for slacking on my online communications over the past two weeks. I'll be honest, I really don't have an excuse. At B&A over the past two weeks we have been working on a few small projects, a few more proposals and a lot of soul searching. Soul searching? Yep. How did that happen?

We did a proposal for a potential clients this week who came to us knowing they have a problem but don't know what it is. Because my background is in marketing research, naturally I asked, "who is your target market?" The answer I got - families. That was it. Nothing else. That spurred a lot more questions that I wanted answered. What families? Who are they? What is their income? How many children do they have? Where do they shop? What TV programs do they watch? What magazines do they read? How do we get our message to these families we don't know anything about? It was clear we needed to personify these "families" for our potential client. Then we started soul searching for ourselves. What is our strength? What businesses can benefit from this strength?

This is what we came up with: 

  1. Our strength is our research capabilities. There is a lot of marketing research out there but small businesses don't know how to get to it or think that custom research is too expensive. That is a correct assumption but we all know what assuming does. At B&A we have a skill set and methodologies that can be utilized by small businesses that can make them stand out from the rest of their competitors without breaking the bank. Because knowledge is power.

  2. We have a strong business operations background. We have a philosophy at B&A that you will get poor ROI on your marketing if your business operations are broken. We can help you fix that too so that our marketing solutions work even better. Notice how it still comes back around to us looking good.

  3. We are part of your team. We pride ourselves on becoming immersed in our clients' organizations and becoming part of their team as if we came into their office everyday and worked.

  4. AND, we gots mad skillz. (This one doesn't fly with Aga as an answer to potential clients. I'm working on her though.)

So, I know I just used this blog post as a shameless plug for B&A and how amazing we are but that really isn't my point. My point is that it is very important to know who you are and who your trying to reach SPECIFICALLY. How do you reach them and what do you provide them that no else does? Go do a little research and know your customer. That will help you market to them better. If you sell widgets, why are you advertising your widgets in the widget manufactures magazine. Your product only gets to widget manufactures. You clients are NOT reading widget manufacture magazine, they are reading Better Homes & Gardens. Then advertise in Better Homes & Gardens even if it is more expensive, you will get a better return on that investment because you are actually getting to your customers.

Go out and soul search and ask the hard questions. Then let us know how we can help you.