Punctuation Junkies

This cast of characters includes the exclamation whore, the dash diva, the question mark joker and the comma cohort. All of them competing for more attention, more fame and more glory. Ok, so glory might be a little over selling it but I recently realized that I'm surrounded by these punctuation junkies. They get their fix from over using their punctuation of chose.

Exclamation Whore - We have a client that every time I send him copy he sends it back with his edits and every sentences ends with an exclamation point. I love his enthusiasm but no one can be that excited about information technology. You know who you are. Maybe this is why we get along so well!

Dash Diva - So our marketing assistant, Coco, is a Dash Diva and openly admits to it. She says that she writes what she thinks and she sees dashes in her head. She might be brilliant or neurotic. We haven't decided yet.

Question Mark Joker - This my friends is my Mom. She LOVES question marks. She puts a question mark at the end of every sentences even when its not a question. Every time she texts me or Facebook Stalks me I'm completely confused because I don't if she telling me something and making a statement or asking me a question and I'm supposed to respond, i.e. You look pretty today? Is she telling me I look pretty or is she asking if I think I look pretty? I don't know! (That one was for you exclamation whore)

Comma Cohort - Me. I love to put a splice in a comma. I mean come on, who doesn't? Commas are supposed to be where you take a breath in sentence, right? Well, I take a lot of breaths. Isn't that what all the motivational people tell you all the time - BREATH. See I'm learning, I put a dash instead of a comma and learned that from the Dash Diva.

This is only part of my band of misfits and I love them all because of each individual's idiosyncrasies. Don't get me wrong I think we would all agree that we are equal opportunity punctuationists but we play favorites. You know its true. We all play favorites - favorite color, favorite American Idol, favorite child... so you must have a favorite punctuation. What is your punctuation of choice?