Punctuation Junkies

Let me set the scene for you. It starts with a conversation over dinner about writing web copy, marketing tactics and being genuine in your business. The cast of characters include an exclamation whore, a dash diva, a semicolon Seductress, a question mark joker and a comma cohort. Each are fighting a battle for more attention, more respect and more glory. Ok, glory might be over selling it a bit but they are all characters in this mixed up tale called ... writing. Each of these characters are cast in their roles in my world, which could be described as either fiction or non-fiction any given day. You pick.

  • Exclamation Whore - We have a client that every time we send him copy he sends it back with his edits and almost every sentence ends in an exclamation point. You know who you are. I LOVE his enthusiasm though. Maybe this is why we get along so well. (BTW, thanks for giving me the inspiration for this post!)

  • Dash Diva - Our marketing assistant, Coco, is a self proclaimed Dash Diva. She says that she writes the way she thinks and she sees dashes in her mind. She might be brilliant or neurotic. We haven't really decided yet.

  • Question Mark Joker - This one is my Mom. When she texts or Facebook stalks me she puts a question mark at the end of every sentence and you never know if she is making a statement or asking you a question, i.e. "You look pretty today?" Is she saying you look pretty today or is she asking if I think I look pretty today? I don't know! (That one was for you exclamation whore)

  • Semicolon Seductress - When you are Polish and your first language is not english, you pick up odd punctuation to attach to; like semicolons. I'm assuming you can guess who belongs to this punctuation. She's another B&A fixture that says she identifies with the semicolon because its not a comma and not a colon and just "in between."

  • Comma Cohort - That's me. I admit, I LOVE to splice a comma. Who doesn't? I was taught that you put a comma in a sentence where you take a breath and, well, I take lots of breaths. Isn't that what the motivational people tell you all the time - BREATH. See, even I can learn from the Dash Diva.

All of the characters intertwine in my marketing and branding world making every day interesting. I'm sure this is only part of my band of misfits and luckily I have other characters that balance out these guys to produce good work. I love them ALL for their idiosyncrasies! You ask, why can't you guys be equal opportunity punctuationist? Well, because we have favorites. Come on, admit it! We all have favorites - favorite color, favorite American Idol, favorite food, favorite child ... favorite punctuation. And we're all junkies when it comes to our favorites. What is your punctuation of choice?

Fine Print: No punctuation was harmed in the writing of this post.