Flying By The Seat of My Pants

Aga and I have this thing in our office that when I say some completely off the wall saying that cracks her up she writes it down and says I'm going to write a book one day with all your crazy saying (granted it is on scrap paper that she will probably never find again). Sometimes, they make it onto our Facebook wall and others they are just for us in the office to LOL at (I always have to look up these acronyms to see what they mean. I went for 6 moths not knowing what LOL was and couldn't figure out what people were saying to me). So I decided to take on a challenge this week to see if I could incorporate some of my best quotes into a story. Here it goes.

In the past three weeks we have been busier than a one eyed man at a burlesque show at B&A with deadlines for reports, new client meetings and just general B&A business stuff. It has been a fly by the seat of my pants kinda week trying to get organized but I ended up making it easy breezy lemon peezy (that's actually a technical term). Part of the reason for that in the midst of this madness is because I worked at Aga's house one day, which I love to do because she feeds me and I'm always so hungry I could eat your arm. Later in the afternoon she brought out watermelon and tried to convince me that it was made of water and Spelnda (that part of the story is actually true but I didn't believe her because they didn't give me a Master's Degree from The Citadel for nothin'). The next day I had a networking meeting where a woman who I have meet several times before introduced herself to me, AGAIN. Before now she wouldn't have pissed on my teeth if they were on fire but since she found out that I am a 40 Under 40 winner she's my new best friend. That's ok, it ain't a drop in a bucket to me because not everyone has a memory like me.

That probably doesn't make ANY sense whatsoever and obviously it is a fictional story (except for the watermelon part). But it was fun and we have fun with all my crazy saying and Aga's completely random thoughts in the office. Hopefully you be hearing more of them as they come up and we post them on Facebook or in the Little Things series. You have to have fun every now and again. What are some of your crazy saying that Aga can put in her book if she ever finds her scrap paper to write them on?