Do I Know You...?

My fiancée and I are going through the saga of buying (or possibly NOT buying) our first home. We have a lot of people “helping” us with this ordeal. There is our realtor (make that, second realtor). And his boss, the broker. There is HUD-the government agency known as the Department of Housing and Urban Development. There is SCE&G. And CPW. There is the home inspector (actually, we’re on our second one of these, too.) Finally, there is the “Field Services” company who has winterized and de-winterized our potential home twice now. In the future there will be closing attorneys and lawyers and brokers and probably some HUD representative telling me how I incorrectly filled out his tedious stupid government-y paperwork.  I knew this wouldn’t be easy. But I did not think it would ever be this hard to have just ONE of these people work in my favor. No phone calls have been made on our behalf. Nobody can ever meet or talk or email outside of 9-5. Nobody can contact anyone else. We are the mediators of this whole group of people, and we have NO CLUE what we are doing. $1000 here, $290 there, $30 to that guy, $275 for the inspection. Why? Why are we giving everyone money and having the worst experience of our lives? EVLOVING CUSTOMER SERVICE is the point of this blog.

Everyone rants about customer service, I know. But as small businesses turn into medium-sized businesses and so on, my plea to you is know your customer! And don’t forget it! They are real people. They will need their hand held sometimes. And that’s totally okay. Expectations are changing—fast. We here at B&A are realizing that every single day as we cater to our clients very specific needs and requirements. They are dishing over hard-earned money in a tough economy and expect results. We know! Lots of companies are doing exactly what my fiancée and I are doing: dishing out money for marketing and branding strategies that they don’t fully understand or know how to implement and are miserable because they aren’t seeing results.

I can say, first hand, that B&A knows how you feel! And we can hold your hand. Or not, if that’s what you want.