Why Are Titles So Hard To Come Up With?

Why is this such a tricky thing? Are there any other marketers out there that have this same problem? As you can tell I couldn't come up with a catchy title for this blog post about titles. I admit I have a hard time coming up with blog posts period let alone a great, attention grabbing title. You might call it writer's block, but I call it, "I'm just not that interesting." This isn't true of course. But there is a finesse to taking 300 words about how cool we are and putting it into 3 to 5 works that will grab the reader's attention.

But titles are so important! As a marketer I tell people all the time, you now only have 3 seconds to grab consumer's attention and if you do that, you then only have 30 seconds to keep their attention and tell them what you do, why they need it and how YOU can help them. And you thought marketing was easy. You try - give me a catchy title about why titles are so important.