What's In A Name?

WARNING: This blog post has nothing to do with branding, marketing or design. It's simply a random thought by Aga...

Okay, so I have a weird Polish name, I know. It's Agnieszka and it's really hard to pronounce (ag-nee-eshh-kuh). Some of my friends actually thought it was fun to say, "bless you!" after I introduced myself because it sounded like I sneezed. I'm no longer friends with those people ;). So, to save myself a lesson in Polish pronunciation and some cruel jokes, I went with a short version-Aga.

Now, Ronii has a weird name, too. I love that I'm no longer the only one who has to explain her name in the office. I love when she tells people it's Ronii with two "I's" because she'd look pretty silly with only one "I". I crack up every time. Someone, who's never met or talked to her may think she's a man (she's not, I assure you). Still, some people, even after being corrected four times, still refer to her as "him" (yes, same person!). The first three times I got a kick out of it but the fourth time it got a little old. Come on!

We also renamed our marketing assistant, who's real name is Corinne. She's been Coco since the day we met her because Corinne is CLEARLY too difficult to say... I think we just have a thing for standing out from the crowd but also Coco sounds so much more chic, doesn't it?

I'm not great with names so I get it when people can't remember mine but at least I try to keep it straight on who's a gal and who's a guy!

Let us know if you have a funny story about your name. We can all use a little laugh on your account for a change.