What Do You Need To Tell Your Designer?

Everyone wants a unique logo, one that will say it all! I know it, I hear it every time I talk to a client about a logo design project. Problem is, many companies are so busy doing business, they hardly stop and think about what’s so special about them that will distinguish them visually from the rest. And this is when I whip out my logo design brief. Voilà!

Nobody likes doing homework. Well, guess what! You have to if you want a logo that really says "you"! A great designer should make you go through a design brief. It’s the most important step in designing any piece of graphic, not just a logo: research. Marketing research is what we are great at, here at B&A. We are all firm believers that you can’t market yourself without knowing who you’re trying to reach. 

A good design brief should be hard to answer and should really make you think about your logo and not just asking questions like, "hey, what’s your favorite color?" A design brief ensures that you–the client, knows what you want to achieve and that the designer has a point of reference while they are generating dozens of ideas for your logo. Basically, the more information you give to your designer, the better your logo will be (if it is not, you chose the wrong designer. Come work with us!)