Inspiration Hits

I don't know if you have noticed or not but I have had a bit of a blog block lately. I'm having a hard time coming up with blog post and writing them, etc. etc. etc. In this quote un-quote blog block of mine, I go around the office yelling at others that, "I need a blog post by the end of the week." Lucky for me, Aga and Coco start cranking them out (they must be a little scared of me or something - I wouldn't know why).

But guess, what? ... You can't rush inspiration.

I noticed a trend with this latest blog block. We were cranking out posts and not that they weren't good (they are fabulous actually) they aren't to our true self and personality. Things have to happen to us to be inspired to be funny and find a lesson in it. We have also learned in the past few months that our clients work with us because of us and we just happen to be smart and know what we're doing. That said, our personalities HAVE to shine through in our blog for us to really reach people. And things have to happen for us to be inspired to tell our stories.

I have heard time and time again from our readers they like it when we are funny and then give a point in our quirky way. We are pretty fun and we are funny and you definitely can tell that when you are in our office. For example, last week Aga has spent her brain power incorporating the word "balls" into every conversation we have. It has made for some interesting saying that are going into the carzy sayings book for sure (just think if we put that much brain power into what we can do for your marketing and branding plans). But it just rings true that our personalities making us who we are and we just can't rush inspiration.

So this is me, confessing to you, that we may not have a blog post every single week. BUT ... I can promise you that when we do it will be us and just what you expect from us (which probably isn't a whole lot). We are true creatives in that sometimes inspiration just hits and that when the magic happens, IT HAPPENS. And you just can't make it happen because we need to fill the blog this week. That's when things start to get wonky (that's my word of the week - its a technical marketing term, BTW).

Do you agree - you just can't rush inspiration, aka good work? Is it ok if we don't post a blog every week because we don't have anything to say? What inspires you to be your true self?