Can a Girl Catch a Break?

Recently, our Marketing Assistant, Coco (who, BTW, is no longer and “intern” but an actual paid marketing assistant for B&A. Congrates, Coco!!) wrote a blog post on the power of positive thinking. I’ve been trying it but I think I may have broken it. The past month has been full of set back after set back and I’m starting to think this is the universes’ way of telling me I need to slow down. While I try to be the eternal optimist, everything is really pressing on my nerves.

It’s all a comedy of errors really – crazy clients, overdue projects and personal obstacles. You don’t need me to give you my laundry list of things that have gone wrong, like clients that hate their new brand concepts, websites that still aren’t launched because of missing pieces and feeling claustrophobic from putting 2 houses of stuff into 1. What you need to hear from me is how this affects you, right? What can you learn from my mistakes and crazy life? Well, I’ll tell you what I’ve learned and you tell me if you get anything out of it.


  1. The grapevine affect is still in full force and you will be a victim to it. No matter what.
  2. You know the old cliché about ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ and ‘too many chiefs and not enough Indians.’ It is so very true!
  3. People ARE crazy.
  4. No one really cares about you and your issues. (This is extremely cynical, I know, but wait, read to the end.)
  5. I’m a terrible writer and I’m still a comma cohort (see #4).
  6. It’s easy to lose inspiration and drive when you are physically and mentally drained.
  7. There is always someone there trying to take your place.
  8. “Give it time,” isn’t always a good thing.
  9. People don’t listen to what you say or read what you wrote, which results in #1.
  10. No one is ever going to learn how to spell my name right.
  11. There still is some good in people and they are willing to help if you ask and more importantly let them.


We have been through the ringer the past few weeks. If it could go wrong, it did. And we thought we were going to have an easy summer and be able to accomplish some internal B&A objectives. You all know from a previous post how I hate when things don’t go according to my plan and I guess that’s why the past weeks have been so draining. But the positive thinker in me says, “But you learned something from all of this and it makes you a wiser and stronger person.”

How has your month been? Can you add to my list of learnings?