Communications Intern

Considering the portrayal in movies, television and other forms of media, internships come across as a college student or recent graduate’s absolute worst nightmare: attempting to work under the scowling watch of an overbearing boss while constantly worrying if everything is going correctly, running irrelevant errands such as retrieving that “necessary” Starbucks and buying copy paper, and working in a cubicle amidst several other confused kids who are not fully aware as to what is going on.

However, this potential never-ending horror story has proved to only a myth.

As far as internships have gone, I have had nothing but great experiences. From working for a local record label to an acclaimed, newly established food culture magazine, it has been an eclectic experience.

My most recent endeavor at finding an internship for this semester has gratefully landed me at Bartles & Associates, where I could not be more excited to be a part of. A company that helps clients create the best and most professional brands possible, Bartles & Associates is a company that I am very much looking forward to working with. Providing a company with great press is essential for their success in the business world, therefore I feel as if a good deal of pressure has been put on my shoulders and that surely is not a negative responsibility to take on. As my dad used to tell me, quoting the ever-famous Bruce Springstein, “Walk tall or don’t walk at all.”

Considering that I am in my fifth year at the College of Charleston as a communication major, with a concentration in media studies, this is where what I have learned thus far is put to the test.

And of course that is a huge endeavor in itself: finally finishing my college career. Although college has been an entertaining and, obviously, educational experience, I am ready to take what I have learned and begin my professional career in the field of public relations. Here’s to a good semester at Bartles & Associates!

~Jessica Raymond

Born and raised in Pennsylvania until she was seventeen, Jessica had the, “privilege”, of moving to Spartanburg, SC before heading down to Charleston to start her college education at the College of Charleston, majoring in Communication with a concentration in media studies. Jessica is working towards a successful career in public relations, but in the mean time enjoys the strenuous labor that comes with the food and beverage industry. In her free time, she enjoys reading Kurt Vonnegut, watching violent historical films, and playing basketball.