These are a few of my favorite words...

These are a few of my favorite things words...

Growing up, math just never “added up” (cheesy, but true). It turned out to be a subject that I struggled with as a child, and has continued to be a nuisance in my life. The fact that my math results on the SATs rendered the response “That’s MUCH better than I expected!” from my mother just shows that math has never been one of my “talents”. 

“English” class (grammar, spelling, syntax/diction) has always been my strong suit,from elementary school through my college years. Even in a subject that may be challenging, as long as papers are involved in the syllabus, I will do just fine. Tis’ a shame that math class never required essays..

Therefore, it is fair to say that I am a fan of words, and I have been able to compile a list of my favorites. Some of these words I tend to use (too) frequently, others I just love the sound of. 

To each their own..

  1. epitome
  2. pretentious 
    (the phrase “epitome of pretentious” is a favorite phrase. Those two words just sound magical together.)
  3. awesome
  4. epiphany
  5. ridiculous
  6. tickle
  7. shimmy
  8. dandelion
  9. sneaker

...and 10. soup