All the Rage

I'm peer pressuring you into joining Pinterest! Go ahead. Do it! But seriously, all kinding aside, Pinterest is all the rage right now in the social media world. And your probably wondering what the big deal is and why should your business be aware of it and/or use it. Well, let me tell you. 

Pinterest is basically an online pin board. Kind of like you cork board you have above your desk that you put quotes and pictures of your family and kids on, this is a digital version that for the whole world to see. Why is this so important? WELL... the whole world can see it, duh. No, not really. But there are several different reasons as to why you might want to consider integrating Pinterest into your social media strategy.

First, it creates links back to your website. Let me explain this a little more in depth. We all know that links out in the interwebs are good for your SEO and driving traffic back to your site. If you are a business with a website and images on that website, you will want to create a pin board for your site and pin your website images to it so that if someone likes that image and clicks on it then they are taken to your website and hopefully will read it and/or buy from you. Score!

Second, people work with businesses they know, like and trust. Pinterest is a great platform to build personality around you and your brand. You can create different pin boards for all your and your teams interest and start pinning images you like to those pin boards and building your persona around those interests. For example, I have a pin board called I might be the crazy cat lady where I pin cute pictures of kittens because I just can't resist a cute kitten. My crazy cat lady pin boardI mean seriously, how can you resist? I also have other boards with my interests such as My Style, which is all the stuff that personifies me. And Inspirations that are all the sayings that I love. All of this gives you a little more insight into what kind of person I am and what kind of business I run.

On other application that has been great us here at B&A is utlizing pin boards as vision boards for clients' projects that we are working on. Vision boards have been in the marketing world for a long time and we utlize them for inspiration on projects. Generally, we have always went out to the web and captured pictures we want and put them in a document that ended up being huge because of all the images in it or printed them all out and put them on an actual bulletin board in the office. At B&A we have been using Pinterest insead because with everything being so virtual it is easy for anyone of us to pin an image on the board that inspires us from anywhere. Also, I can send that link to anyone I'm working with on the project whether they have an account or not and they can see the direction we are going with the project. I have a B&A Vision Board that is full of elephants and champagne. How freakin' cool is that!

B&A Vision BoardClient Vision Board for Logo and Website

We are obsessed with Pinterest. But we want to know, how are you using it?