Write That Sh!t Down

Yeah I need to remind myself of that everyday… write it down or you will forget. And I usually do, forget that is. LOL! When you are trying to run a household with 2 very active little boys or work as a Roadie at B&A, there are things that need to get done. I tell myself, “oh I will remember that”. And BAM!... two days later, I forgot about a website copy edit I was supposed to do or a play date my youngest was to attend. ‘WRITE THAT SHIT DOWN’ I tell myself. You can’t keep forgetting to do things. 

Working in the marketing field, there is no room for mistakes or forgotten tasks. Clients are depending on you to get everything right down to the last detail. And this goes for any business not just marketing. We may think that we can remember every little detail a client tells us, but in reality you will forget some important fact or question. WRITE THAT SHIT DOWN! It is just a good business practice. People are relying on you to have their website just how they want it with the correct information on it, or a logo that depicts their business and is ON all important business transactions. Can you remember every last detail a client has asked for? I know I can’t. Keep yourself organized and on track by WRITING THAT SHIT DOWN! 

Life is crazy and can get busy, or in my case crazy busy! Tasks or dates can get lost in the shuffle of daily life. When it comes to your business and your clients, do you really want to forget? Didn’t think so. WRITE THAT SHIT DOWN! You will thank me later. I promise.