Selling Life Balance

“MOM, I’M HUNGRY!” “MOM, I’M THIRSTY!” “MOM, I WANT THE COMPUTER”. Every time I am trying to get some work done, this is what I hear. Trying to balance working from home and raising 2 boys at the same time is close to impossible. You have the whole world trying to sell life balance, but what the hell is life balance anyway? How do you achieve it? When you find out… please let me know!

Having children and working full-time (or 3 jobs like me) and running a household, can put some strain on your life. You have a husband or a wife, a boss, and kids wanting your time and energy. By 6pm you're ready to crash, but you still have dinner dishes to do, a baseball game to go to, and a blog post to write (Ronii is a slave driver about this. Love you!). Not to mention, kids have school the next day and laundry still needs to be done, but you have to prepare for a conference call with a client about brochures, a website or a document you are working on. You are basically working to find some sort of balance with work, while trying to balance life.

Where is the balance? If you own your own company you work round the clock to make it successful. Is that balance? No! It’s called burning yourself out. Having 2 active little boys that play sports and have to run here and there for school and sports and friends’ houses… well, that can burn a mother out. Now put having all those things with your children to contend with and a job, or 2, or 3, that has you sitting at the computer all day or standing on your feet behind a cash register for hours… OH, and don’t forget the house that needs cleaned and meals to be made and laundry to be done… WHERE IS THE BALANCE?

I manage what I can. Only you can find your life balance. Bosses, friends, husbands, children… they all try to sell you on life balance, but I believe that is just for their own agenda. Only you can sell yourself life balance. So go out there and sell it to yourself.