Why Didn't I Think of That?

Picture this. You can’t sleep. It’s 3AM. You finally get up because you’re keeping the cat up (or your spouse, it’s your story). You wander into the living room in a sleep-deprived state. You turn on the TV in hopes that you make the noise in your head stop and get pre-occupied with whatever is on the TV. The only thing on is infomercials because really that’s all that’s on at 3AM. You finally get tired of flipping through all of them and just land on a channel with an infomercial about, let's say, how to clean your house better. You call the number and order one because it is totally going to change your life. Your head starts churning again about work and your watching the commercial thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that and make millions?” 

You’ve done it, I know. Admit it. We have all looked at Mark Zuckerburg and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that? A website that other people generate the content for you? WTF?”

I’m in the car a lot. And I’m a radio listener. Radio as an advertising medium is another topic for another day but FYI if used right it is very effective. I’m listening to the radio and my head is wandering. When that happens I tend to not flip the channel when a commercial comes on. I’m sitting in traffic and a commercial comes on and the very first thing they say is, “FREE PIE WEDNESDAYS!Now you have attention!

Are you fucking kidding me? FREE PIE!

I mean who doesn’t love free? And who doesn’t love pie?

Don’t tell me you don’t like pie because if you don't we can’t be friends.

Why didn’t I think of that? FREE PIE WEDNESDAYS!

The commercial is for O’Charley’s and you can view the YouTube commercial here. What a brilliant promotion.

You have to purchase an entrée to get the free pie and it is only on Wednesdays and its for a limited time. Why is this great? Well, let me tell you. It's. FREE. PIE. But seriously, this is a great promotion because it gets you to come in a buy something on one of their slowest nights for a new product they are introducing. And they have made it exclusive by saying it is for a limited time only. It hits all the high points of a promotion. And its free pie! The point (besides I love pie)… create promotions and incentives with very specific goals. And give away free pie.

I’m totally bummed that I didn’t think of this promotion. I should have thought of that. I’m smart enough to think of promotions like that. I wish I had thought of that. Although, we do have Champagne Thursdays.

Did I mention that I love pie? Keep that in your back pocket for any special events like the upcoming B&A anniversary on July 1st. But guess where this girl is going on Wednesday night? Who’s going with me?