Writer’s Block is a B*tch

If you’re reading this, then Hallelujah! It means I was able to get past my weeklong writer’s block and figure out something worth writing about… I think.

We’ve all been there, whether it’s the college paper due the next day, the proposal you promised your client by the end of the week, or even composing your grocery list as you sit in your car in front of the Harris Teeter. There’s a lot of noise in that brilliant mind of yours. However, there’s an extreme disconnect with your mind and your fingers as you type. In fact, your mind is screaming, “WE CAN DO THIS!” but somehow your hand freezes up and Googles Grumpy Kitty.

You look around, hoping that maybe that picture on the wall or the person walking by the window will send your mind into creativity overload, causing you to finish your entire week’s worth of work in one afternoon. Wouldn’t that be nice? Joke’s on you. 

Fifteen minutes later you decide to take a laundry break and throw a load into the wash. Thirty minutes later you’re still stuck, so you go for a walk convincing yourself that “fresh air” is what your mind needs. After the walk, you sit back down and work on something else. Not whatever has a deadline quickly approaching, of course, but rather the document that is due at the end of the month. This cycle continues on for a couple hours, sometimes days. You start to stress out because you haven’t gotten anything done.

Hold on…yes you have. You’ve done laundry, exercised, and possibly cleared some time toward the end of the month for a beach day. Go you! The high from this realization boosts your mood and before you know it, your writer’s block is gone. You know what else is gone? That deadline you were stressing about. Why? Because you’re awesome and overcame the writer’s block. Maybe, jusssst maybe, writer’s block is a blessing in disguise.