Uncork Your...

Uncork Your…Champagne? No wait… Marketing? No…Champagne!

So obviously ya’ll know by now that we love our Champagne. I mean come on, who doesn’t? Ok, so I know some people don’t, but you can do so much with Champagne… When you uncork that bottle, the bubbles start flowing and the smell is intoxicating. I personally like my bubbly with some Chambord Liqueur. It adds that little bit of sweetness to the dryness of the bubbly.

I recently had to research drink recipes that involve Champagne for a little 'som, something' that you will so want to get your hands on (stay tuned for more info about that, you DO NOT want to miss this). Who knew there were that many drink recipes involving Champagne? I was in heaven, and now have a MUST DRINK list ready to go for our Champagne Thursdays. What’s Champagne Thursdays? Really, you haven’t heard of our Champagne Thursdays? Where have you been, under a rock? You really need to read our social media posts more often. Maybe even go to our website and sign up to get tips and antics from our infamous Champagne Thursdays brainstorming sessions (I know, I am shameless for this plug).

Ok so where was I… oh yeah, talking about the oh so many Champagne recipes. Like I said, I was in heaven. So many options and different scenerios to try… kinda like marketing, don’t you think? Hence, why we at B&A LOVE our Champagne and our Champagne Thursdays brainstorming sessions. Some of our best ideas come from these sessions. You would be amazed at the craziness that comes out of these sessions. Marketing couldn’t get any better. LOL! No but seriously, you don’t want your marketing to be dry like some bubbly is, that is why there are so many flavors and mixtures you can make and add. Do the same with your marketing… Diversify, experiment, mix it up!

Now I am not saying go out there and get all crazy and go all willy nilly. No, you still have to have the brand, basic message, your tagline or most important message you are trying to relay, (your Champagne) and then you take that message and add it to your business cards, website, brochures, signage, social media sites (these are you mixing ingredients). You want a consistent message that shows up everywhere. So find your Champagne, and then decide what you want to add to it to get your message out there. Oh and maybe uncork a bottle of Champagne to drink while you figure out your marketing recipe.