ZEST IT UP! And You Will Come Out Smelling Like Lemons Too!

Have you ever had a headache so bad it felt like your head was being split wide open? Yeah I had one like that the other day, and every little or LOUD noise my boys made, I thought my head was splitting even further open. UGH, IT HURT SO BAD!!! And trying to concentrate on client work was hard, but I managed to get a few things done. GO ME! Anyway, Ronii was telling me about this home remedy thing she heard about… you put lemon rinds on your temples and secure with a towel tied around your head and leave on until you start feeling a tingling sensation then remove. Yeah I see that face you are making. That was my reaction too, BUT IT WORKED! It took the splitting feeling away. I could again function and handle my ever so active boys. AND, I smelled all lemony fresh too!

Ok so where am I going with this you ask? It’s all about the zest. The zest of the lemon, which is the rind, is what helped my headache, and zest can help with your marketing. ZEST IT UP! Don’t sit around being all blah and shit, add some zest. Grab people’s interest. Do something zesty and fresh that you are not seeing from your competitors. You could provide some kind of give-a-way to get people’s attention. People love FREE stuff. Take B&A for example, we have this fucking awesome gift for you if you sign up to get our Champagne Thursdays Inspiration tips and antics (Oh I know, I am shameless), but you will love our little gift. And yeah it involves Champagne and a lot of it. It’s zesty! And it’s here, right now. Over there <- ! So GO, sign up. It's free.

Adding that zest to your marketing is super easy and doesn’t have to be complicated. Make it fun and exciting. Have a customer appreciation party, provide something fun for FREE, offer a promotion that will grab their attention… the list could go on. But if you are looking to make a BIG statement, update your look. You don’t have to go all crazy, but maybe change the look of the outside of your office building or the décor inside.  People will notice the little changes. That is what grabs their attention. So find what best suits your needs and ZEST IT UP BABY! And trust me you will come out smelling like lemons. Or is it roses? Lemons works better for my example. You get the drift.