The 5 Senses of Your Clients’ Brand Experience

By definition, brand experience is the perception that a customer develops from a brand’s various actions. It's all the touchpoints that a customer has with a brand. Touchpoint’s being websites, ads, commercials, packaging, customer service reps, etc. 

A customer’s brand experience stems from every piece + part of your business.

I’ve always had the philosophy that everything in your business, even your accounting practices, are marketing because sending invoices to a customer is a touchpoint. Your customer will make up their own story about your business based on how the invoice is delivered, looks + timely it is. Side note: your logo better be on your invoices + POs because if they are not that’s a missed branding opportunity.

A well-rounded brand experience encompasses all 5 of the customer’s senses: sight, sound, smell, taste + touch. This becomes increasing harder in today’s digital world where most businesses can easily hit on the sight + sound senses but fall short on the smell, taste + touch. And even harder for those online service businesses like me. What’s a girl to do?

Well written descriptive copy full of adjectives + thoughtfully curated photography. That's what.

When I first put brand experience on the calendar, Jenn was like, 'what the wha?' When we started talking about it, she was all over it because like any other consumer she's had great {and not so great} brand experiences. I asked her to put in her own words what she thought was a description of an amazing brand experience. Like we want our clients to have. Here's what she came up with:

"OMG! Ronii, we have to go to this super cute new boutique that just opened downtown with lots of chandeliers dripping with crystals + hot pink velvet sofas. We'll get to sip Champagne + eat little chocolates filled with lavender + carmel while getting a pedicure that will make all the boys 'kiss our feet' {not really that would be kind of gross, but you get the queen picture}. They also do scalp massages before doing the best blowout you've ever had while smooth jazz plays in the background. PLUS we can get the latest rad + trendy colors for FREE! Hey, Hey! I hear a GIRLS' NIGHT OUT!

Did you feel that? The excitement! That luxury feeling. Whatever this boutique is trying to make its customers feel, it WORKED! And we haven't even experienced it yet. By the way... I totally made that up, but doesn't it sound GRAND? I would so go to a boutique like that. Honestly, it caught my attention with Champagne. Cause y'all know how we love our Champagne around here.

If I read that on a postcard or in an ad, I would have been caught - hook, line + sinker. Wouldn't you agree? In all honestly, in our hometown of Martinsburg {Don’t let Ronii fool you, she’s from a small town in WV too}, there was a new boutique that opened downtown and was holding a "Ladies Night" with drinks, free pedicures + a discount to learn how to make your own soap. So really that was my inspiration for above. I felt it needed a little more luxury + excitement added in. I would totally go if the ad made me feel all the feelings."

Jenn turned that boutique description into an experience that touched on all your senses. She gave you a visual of what it looks like + sounds, how you skin would tingle with a head rub + that the experience will taste like champagne + chocolate. All the senses are covered. How can we translate that into intangible products and services?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Sight: This is obvious, excellent photography! NUF said.
  • Sound: Have a video {or audio podcast} so that people can hear the passion in your voice.
  • Touch: Offer a product that can be printed on paper + tell your clients to print it. That way they can see + feel your passion. {sidenote: Jenn prints EVERYTHING out, she’s the ideal client for stuff like that}.
  • Taste: Be very descriptive in your copy about what your client is going to taste while working with you, like over coffee or tea {or in our case Champagne}.
  • Smell: Chocolate. Send you biggest supporters chocolate. When all else fails, the answer is chocolate.

There are lots of different touchpoints that your client will experience in their journey in working with you + appealing to all their senses in some way will take their brand experience to a new level that creates raving, obsessed fans. Leave me a comment + tell me what your plan is to incorporate all the sense in how your customers experience your brand.