25 Tips to be Consistent With Your Brand

Recently, I was researching a business and came across its Facebook page. The cover image was great + conveyed a strong message with the logo prominently placed. I know exactly who they are. But the little square profile image that shows up in my newsfeed is different (I noticed because I do branding). You know what though? New potential customers like you + me who like that page will never notice that brand’s updates in our newsfeeds because it’s the wrong, outdated logo.

On social platforms all we see is that little square profile image and if you have a different image, icon or logo then how do people know it's you?

I’ve been consistent about being consistent with your brand. And while it’s easy to scream from the rooftops, ‘be consistent!’ Why’s it so damn hard?

It’s no secret that being consistent in your content helps eliminate confusion among your target as to what you do and why you do it. You will appear more authentic and professional.

I LOVE marketing research so here are some geeky statistics about why being consistent is so important (actually Jenn pulled these but the numbers spoke to my heart). The visual aspect of your brand needs to be consistent because 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Consumers recognize a brand visually before a word message and are 60% more likely to click on the image they recognize before reading.

Here are some real-world, hyper practical ways to be more consistent with your brand.

  1. Define your personal + brand style (like, what is your style? Put it into words or on a vision board on Pinterest)
  2. Refine your brand message
  3. Only have 1 logo!
  4. If you do have different versions of your logo, put them in a folder called z-archive (this puts it at the bottom so you don’t see it at the top or in the mix and get confused) and forget about them
  5. Put your logo on your invoices + POs (its not all about the party animal marketing materials)
  6. Make sure your images + photography have the same style
  7. Keep your color pallet in the same tone
  8. Same goes for your style of writing + the words you choose
  9. Make a pile of index cards with words that you want to describe your brand (swipe files are helpful in developing marketing messages)
  10. Pick a couple of fonts that mix well together and stick with them - A. THE. TIME.
  11. Having a brand style guide is your organizations secret weapon in keeping consistent in your messages + visual brand throughout all aspects of your business
  12. Keeping the same tone throughout your messaging helps consumers better understand what to expect from your business
  13. Make templates for everything in the right sizes + brand standards and stick to them
  14. Don’t think people are bored with your message
  15. Keep it simple - don’t over-complicate your brand style + message
  16. Don’t think you have to please everyone with your messaging + take feedback with a grain of salt
  17. Before hitting publish ask yourself, ‘is this on brand?'
  18. Live your brand - Champagne Thursday is a  lifestyle around here
  19. Keeping your business practices organized will transcend over into your brand
  20. Make sure all your contact info is the same across social media platforms, website, invoices, etc. (that's part of your brand too)
  21. Keep your profile bios on social media on point with your website + brand story
  22. Believe in your brand story (or no one else will and that is where confusion + inconsistency can start)
  23. Know who you're talking to (if you don't you can't stay consistent in your messages)
  24. Make sure your employees have access to (and USE) your brand style guide especially if you aren't the one writing content, posting on social media, sending invoices, etc.
  25. OWN your brand and stay original with it - one way to be inconsistent is to try and copy what someone is doing or saying

I’m sure you guys have all kinds of great tips to stay consistent. If you have something that works famously for you I really want to know because I totally get excited driving Jenn crazy with my ‘that’s not on brand.’ Leave a comment, send us a tweet, comment on Instagram, post it on Facebook, pick your platform, with your tips. We’re listening. And if you’re still overwhelmed by all these brand ‘rules’ schedule a Champagne Thursday with our team and let’s get it good for you.