Do you want the good news or bad news first?

Monday Jenn & I had a long Skype meeting {3 hours! Granted the first 30 minutes were to fawn over sweet Lucy but I digress}. We've been busy with the start of the new year & new projects; so to keep us on task we’ve been having weekly Monday afternoon meetings.

Once we got through canoodling Lucy {well, I canoodled & Jenn just cooed at her over the computer}, Jenn immediately went into, ‘Ronii you owe B&A a blog post.’ She’s trying real hard to keep me on task. I took a big, deep breath and said, ‘I know.’ in the most pathetic of ‘I don’t wanna’ tones.

Since the new year, I’ve been struggling to write. I’ve chalked it up to a case of writer’s block. It’s happened before. And I just finished reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert {I highly recommend this read for the creatives out there} and told myself that inspiration just hasn’t been to visit me.

As we talked a little further I confessed to Jenn, I think I’ve been resisting writing that blog post because I’m in flux with how B&A is structured as a business within all the projects we are working on. This is something I’ve been struggling with for awhile actually.

I know for a fact that B&A has a specific kind of client. Someone who just wants us to do what we do for them. They rarely read our blog or open our newsletter because while the content is good they don’t have the time and just need us to do that stuff we write about for them. And they don’t need another email cluttering up their inbox. While the reader over on wants to learn how we do things so they can implement those systems for themselves. That client seeks the knowledge.

2 totally different types of people.

Knowing this difference, I’ve struggled with serving both sides but not creating double the work. So I’ve been striving to find the happy middle. It’s not working. Everything is getting watered down that way.

So, I made an important decision.

Good news: B&A is getting a revamp to be more in sync with the work we do & clients we serve. Bad news: with that comes a decision that we will no longer be sending out an email newsletter or consistently blogging.

But goods news again: If you are an avid reader to this email or Bartleby’s Blog don’t fear, I’m still going to be writing and sending emails over on If you still want to hear from us about our take on branding & business you will need to opt-in here. I will not be adding your email automatically unless you say you want it. So you will definitely need to go here and say, ‘Hell Yes, I still want to hear from Ronii!’ I will be eternally grateful if you still want to hear from me. That’s a huge compliment & I’m going to do my damnedest to not let you down.

I realize that the business gurus out there are screaming at the computer right now, ‘What are you doing? You have to be doing… You should be doing… You can’t live without…’ But I have to tell you that once I made the decision to let the B&A newsletter & blog go, last night all of a sudden inspiration visited me and I was swirling with ideas on what to write. Obviously, this was the decision I needed to make.

I’m sending each one of you lots of love & I hope that you join me over at!

xoxo ~R