Writer’s Block is a B*tch

If you’re reading this, then Hallelujah! It means I was able to get past my weeklong writer’s block and figure out something worth writing about… I think.

We’ve all been there, whether it’s the college paper due the next day, the proposal you promised your client by the end of the week, or even composing your grocery list as you sit in your car in front of the Harris Teeter. There’s a lot of noise in that brilliant mind of yours. However, there’s an extreme disconnect with your mind and your fingers as you type. In fact, your mind is screaming, “WE CAN DO THIS!” but somehow your hand freezes up and Googles Grumpy Kitty.

You look around, hoping that maybe that picture on the wall or the person walking by the window will send your mind into creativity overload, causing you to finish your entire week’s worth of work in one afternoon. Wouldn’t that be nice? Joke’s on you. 

Fifteen minutes later you decide to take a laundry break and throw a load into the wash. Thirty minutes later you’re still stuck, so you go for a walk convincing yourself that “fresh air” is what your mind needs. After the walk, you sit back down and work on something else. Not whatever has a deadline quickly approaching, of course, but rather the document that is due at the end of the month. This cycle continues on for a couple hours, sometimes days. You start to stress out because you haven’t gotten anything done.

Hold on…yes you have. You’ve done laundry, exercised, and possibly cleared some time toward the end of the month for a beach day. Go you! The high from this realization boosts your mood and before you know it, your writer’s block is gone. You know what else is gone? That deadline you were stressing about. Why? Because you’re awesome and overcame the writer’s block. Maybe, jusssst maybe, writer’s block is a blessing in disguise. 

Be Awesome

Not boring. Don’t be boring. Boring is….easy. It’s lame! The worst part is, anyone can be boring. The whole world is boring! Especially the business world and the people in it. Boring status updates. Boring newsletters. Boring advertisements. Boring clothes, uggh!

Wake the hell up! This is LIFE people. The opportunity for approximately 100 years of pure awesomeness, or what COULD be pure awesomeness if you let it. For most of us there is that 20-something confusion before the suit and tie, the 30-something doubt if you’re on the right path, or that 40-something regret that you haven’t (yet) fulfilled your life dream. You’ve got air in your lungs and a beat in your chest. Do something about it. Be awesome!!

An excerpt: “Two roads diverged in the woods… and I took the road less traveled. And it HURT man! ROCKS! THORNS! And GLASS! That shit broke! NOT COOL ROBERT FROST.” – Kid President

So, what if there really were two paths at your 20-something confusion before the suit and tie?  Forget traveled or less traveled. Did you choose the path that leads to awesome? Are you on it now? Are you getting out of bed in the morning wearing awesome pajama pants? There’s a quote that reads, “Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says ‘Oh shit! She’s up!’” Now, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing, nor does it apply only to women. This simply suggests that you’re a BAMF and you’re about to go about your day bring a totally awesome BAMF.  Positivity and creativity go hand in hand, and both are incredibly empowering.  What will you create, share, or discover that will make this world more awesome?

I don’t know everything. I’m at my 20-something confusion but I don’t ever see myself wearing a suit and tie (figuratively). But I’m navigating through life, work, and my late-twenties by making a conscious effort to be awesome each and every day. Call it a new leaf. Call it whatever you have to until you realize that you deserve to feel awesome at all times, and others deserve someone awesome to inspire and motivate them. Go on with your bad self!

Too Busy with Work to Work

I know. I know. I know. I'm a total hipocrite. I preach to our clients all the time that if they are going to have a blog that they have to work on content constantly because consumers don't like to see posts that are 2 and 3 months old. They keep coming back for fresh, new content and YOUR twist on it.

I'm a total hipocrite because we haven't had a blog post in almost 3 months!

New Year's Resolution: Be better about content on the blog!

I have a good excuse. I PROMISE!

We've been so busy with our clients that our stuff tends to go on the back burner. It's a very good problem to have and I'm extremely grateful to have that problem right now. We love our clients and want them to succeed even more than we want to succeed. So I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all our clients in the past 4 1/2 years that have made B&A what it is today.

That said. We have been secretly working on a few things at B&A. Wink, wink. We have a few small changes coming out the beginning of the year that we are so excited about. We have been back here quietly working on our story and re-aligning our service offereing so that we can serve our clients better. It's going to be subtle but a change nonetheless. So... Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks and let us know what you thinkg or just say hi as we start on this new chapter.

As we work on wrapping and shipping gifts, all of us at B&A wish all you a very safe and happy holidays!