25 Tips to be Consistent With Your Brand

Recently, I was researching a business and came across its Facebook page. The cover image was great + conveyed a strong message with the logo prominently placed. I know exactly who they are. But the little square profile image that shows up in my newsfeed is different (I noticed because I do branding). You know what though? New potential customers like you + me who like that page will never notice that brand’s updates in our newsfeeds because it’s the wrong, outdated logo.

On social platforms all we see is that little square profile image and if you have a different image, icon or logo then how do people know it's you

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Blurred Lines... Branding

Have you heard that new Robin Thicke song called “Blurred Lines”? It is like my new favorite song these days. The beat is amazing and it is REALLY risk-a (SHHH don’t tell anyone I secretly enjoy listening to dirty songs). Really gets me jammin’ while driving in the car or dancing around the kitchen while cooking dinner (yeah I might even break out stripper moves if I am by myself, can’t let me boys see me dance like that). Yeah, I have dance parties in my kitchen. My boys think it is hilarious, but never fails, they too join in by dancing around the kitchen with me.

So the other day while sitting at my computer working on marketing this and that, the song came on (yeah I listen to music ALL the time, helps my thought process… REALLY it does) and a thought occurred to me…branding can get blurry. You don’t want a blurry brand do you? Yeah didn’t think so. If you don’t want your brand to be blurry, don’t confuse your customers & clients by changing it around every month or have a different message on your different marketing avenues. Keep it the same throughout your marketing materials. You know… be consistent, and things won’t get blurry. Yes I am aware that we have talked about consistency before, and we are not afraid to keep reminding you either. Being fucking consistent, means no blurred lines in your brand. HMMM… imagine that.

We are always telling our clients here at B&A to think about what you do and why you do it. Use that to determine what your brand should be. It definitely shouldn’t be blurry. It should be straight forward. Now take your branding material and use it EVERYWHERE! AGAIN, BE CONSISTENT! Don’t switch it up and cause confusion. Don’t make it blurry. You don’t want to confuse people do you? Confusion doesn’t bring in the $$! Having a simple brand that isn’t blurred and being consistent with it brings in the $$.

At B&A, we strive to teach our clients this very SIMPLE technique. If you don’t learn anything else from our blog posts and marketing expertise, PLEASE remember this…


And if you haven’t heard the song, go out and find it and dance around the kitchen or office until you become dizzy (you know you want to break out your own stripper moves now) and maybe your brand will become clear and not blurred… then be consistent with it, maybe even a little risk-a…

Consistency In Business

Consistency!  Ever hear that used in business?  I have, many times.  If there is one thing I have learned from being in Direct Sales, is that consistency helps you succeed.  At every training I attend for Premier Designs, we talk about consistently working our business.  We need to keep in contact with our hostesses, keep in touch with our customers, meet new people, make those phone calls, send those emails, and attend meetings and trainings. Being consistent in all these areas helps you build your business and succeed, and let’s face it; it’s good customer service.  To be consistent, I set time aside each day or week to take care of all these “tasks”.  If I can’t get them done when allotted (because we all know that sometimes life happens and children are unpredictable) then I adjust and set time aside later in the week.

I find that this transcends to any type of business.  Looking back to my time as a Realtor, I had to be consistent in my daily duties as a Transaction Coordinator.  I had to set aside time to return emails, make phone calls, set up home inspections or schedule closings.  Each week, I had to send out newsletters to our buyers and sellers.  Each week, there was a Sales Meeting to attend.  The most important task was making sure properties and the Realtors I worked for were marketed and advertised in the appropriate magazines and online.  Brand messages and marketing communications need to stay consistent for businesses to help with recognition, which generates more clients.  You could say the same about Coke or Apple.  They are consistent with their branding and marketing strategies and are easily identifiable.  All this being consistent helps a business grow.

And now at B&A, I have to be consistent in preparing what our clients want and need.  Being consistent in attending meetings and returning phone calls are the key to growing our company and getting new clients. Plus, it is smart to practice what we preach.  We provide branding strategies and marketing messages to keep our clients consistent in their messages and grow their business, so it only makes sense for us to do the same.  Consistency to me is the most important attribute that is needed to be a successful businessperson or entrepreneur.