3 Website Insight to Make You Stand Out

The beginning of this year has brought me some exciting new projects. I have dubbed this the year of the website. My clients have been overhauling or starting new websites because they are trying to stay ahead of their competition and look more modern. Statistics show that when consumers land on your website, you have 3 seconds to capture their attention (it used to be 7 seconds) and then you only have 20-30 seconds to keep their attention.


Talk about ADD. Does your website capture my attention in 3 seconds? Does mine?

I have a few tips to help you wen thinking about your website strategy that will help you capture that reader's attention.

  1. Clean, modern design that speaks to your brand and target market: This is your first impression - the 3 second rule. In that 3 seconds visitors gather their first impression of you. Are you presenting your brand or yourself the way you want to be viewed? This is where they judge the design and layout of your site and form an opinion on if your message resonates with them.
  2. Intriguing and engaging messages and copy: If you get your visitor's attention in that 3 seconds they start to read. This is where you have 20-30 second to keep them interested and want to further explore your website. Your messages and copy have to be intriguing, bold and concise. They need to tell the visitor exactly what they need to know about what you do.
  3. Hub your website: When I think about my marketing mix, my website is the hub and everything stems off of it. The purpose of every marketing piece that I do is to get you back to my website where you learn more about why you need me and become part of my sales funnel. See how important your website is now!

Websites aren't for just holding information anymore, where prospects drop in to get your phone number. They want to build a relationship with your brand and the website is how that happens. Websites have come so far in the past 5 years. Open source platforms like Wordpress and Squarespace have made it easy to update, maintain and create content instantly. There are so many beautiful templates and great designers that you can spend as little or as much as you feel is necessary on a website that is beautiful, functional and brand centric.

I'll make you a deal - I'll look at your website and give you 3 free ideas that will help you capture your clients attention. Did you hear me? FREE! head over to the contact form and fill it out with a love note and I'll send you a FREE assessment of 3 things you can do to make it more effective. Do it! Do it now!