It's a Small World After All

Someone in the B&A office just got back from a trip to Korea for 3 weeks.


My daddy and I went to Seoul, South Korea to visit my brother who has lived there for 10 or so years. My brother works for the government in one of those jobs where if he tells you he will have to kill you (I did get to see the building where all the secret stuff happens). We had a great time and did tons of stuff that wore us all out.

Since getting back everyone has asked me how it was and how different it is. My response every time has been that outside of a different language on the street signs, I could have been in any big city in the US. Korea is a thriving economy that has adopted an "Americanized" way of living. The coolest thing to me was that everyone works resulting in very low crime because no one is desperate for money but terrible drivers because of the commuting.

My brother is about an hour and half south of Seoul but it's hard to tell where Seoul ends and the burbs begin. It's just big with a lot of people. Being the marketing guru that I am, I paid attention to how the Koreans did their marketing and advertising. Obviously, in an economy where everyone works there is money exchanging hands and marketing becomes an important component in the business strategy and the Koreas use every bit space they can find to market or brand.

Every single square inch!

They use the land for agriculture and they use their buildings for advertising. And you thought we were ADD from marketing clutter. We have nothin' on the Koreans.

Street in Osan

Seaport Town SeoulEvery inch of the buildings and almost every window has a sign in it advertising something or other. Most live in high rise apartments and I noticed that even on those building they plaster a logo under the building name. Samsung is everywhere on those kinds of buildings. Talk about brand placement.

How do you pimp your marketing? Do you plaster your brand or marketing message on every available space possible?


This is just for fun.

Me breaking into the Palace because I always knew I was meant to be a princess.