Spring Fever

It’s here! Are you ready?! 

I walked into TJ Maxx this week and was slapped in the face with five racks of bikinis. To the left—flip flops. To the right – beach towels and sunhats.  It was at this point that I realized it’s halfway through February, and in Charleston that means spring is pretty much upon us. What does this mean for consumers?

It means its time to get your wallet out. Not only do the warmer weather and sunny skies signal our “happy” receptors, they make us more inclined to leave the house, covet the latest seasonal trends, and make us think we can be super-host to a bitchin backyard barbecue.

You never realized you needed a rolling cooler, new grill, wrought iron patio set or hanging plants until spring. I bet you didn’t realize, either, that you just had to have a fire pit, beach chairs or a new umbrella.  That’s because it’s the retailers job to inform you of all these new needs and wants associated with the changing season. And in combination with all those warm-weather good mood vibes you’ve been feeling…well, hey, maybe this is the year you actually do go out and buy that new patio set. 

But spring doesn’t just prompt you to buy, it motivates you to do. And this does not get overlooked by retailers either. Home improvement stores like Lowes and The Home Depot will barrage you with every reason under the sun to landscape your backyard, re-screen the back porch or pressure wash the outside of your home. Of course, you’ll need to be prepared with flowers, seed, mulch, shovels, screen, gloves, and equipment...all conveniently on sale! But, it is that excitement of the new season and all the outdoor celebration that it brings that makes the retailers’ job easy.

It’s our nature as consumers to get caught up in that Spring Fever, shrug our shoulders and think, “Yes, I am going to (insert project here) this year.” Until fall of course, when we realize we suddenly need rakes, boat covers, and boots. Interesting how that works.