Branding is a big word thrown around the business world. But at the end of the day, what does it really mean? You have a logo. Isn't that good enough?

Actually, no. Your logo is a great asset but it isn't an all encompassing brand. Your brand is the who, what, when, where and why of your business. Starting with the why and ending at the what. There is a passion and story to your business & brand and everything in your business contributes to that image. Completing an external and internal brand assessment of all your marketing, including operations & systems, will tell you where you can fill in the gaps.

Your business has so many moving parts & pieces where do you find the time to comb through all of it? We start with your internal operations & systems to see how things are organized, what 'pieces of paper' have on them and if your team knows where to find brand assets and the story that is being told. Then, we move to external communications to assess how the world sees your business. You'll actually know what your customers think of your brand rather than guessing and see where there are possibilities for growth. You'll be able to get clarity on what your brand stands for, how it is viewed in the market, and how you can mold that perception then plan how to plug all the brand holes to get a consistent brand story.

Having an outsider assess your brand story & image will give you the checklist you need to make sure your branding is top-notch to maximize profits and be recognized by the world.


Tell me if this sounds familiar?

An ad rep from the local newspaper has stopped in the office and convinced you that your customers are reading their publication and the ROI on ads is high. Like really high and you'll be a millionaire from all the new customers coming in from the ad in, like, a month. You have a few extra bucks this month and decide while that song & dance is a bit far fetched, there is potential business here so you take on the opportunity because they are going to do all the work and all you have to do is give approval on the artwork. Sweet! Potential profits and they do all the work. Of course you will use their internal design department.

You sign over your hard earned money and wait for the designer to send you a proof. Then an email comes in from the publication designer asking if they can get a logo file. Oh, yeah, that would be helpful. You forward an email that you sent to another person that needed it for a sponsorship you did once. A few hours later another email from the publication designer, that was fast! But you open it to find another request for a high resolution logo file because it is a print publication and they can only use high resolutions files. And while you are at it can you send the .eps file and x, y and z as well as what you want the ad to say. What? Where would all that stuff be anyway? After an hour of searching your computer files on the server, your local machine and your email, you resort to calling the IT guy (who is going to cost you $125 an hour) to find them. He does. Those are the wrong ones. You need the updated logo with the slightly different shade of green. Whatever, just send it. No one will notice that its a different color. Ugh! This has turned into a lot more work than you anticipated.


Now imagine the same scenario...

but instead of all the work (and cost!) to find the wrong logo you attach a folder (that is easily found on your desktop) with not only the files the designer needs but is the correct logo with a brand guide that answers all the designer's questions. And probably answers all the copywriter's questions too.

After working through a brand assessment, not only will you be organized on all your brand assets but you will know exactly how to communication your story to your internal & external team. All of your communications will be consistent virtually eliminating any confusion people have about your business and what you do. Life will be so much easier.



What you get with a brand assessment:

  • Final report of assessment with conclusions, recommendations & Brand Grade
  • Action Plan & Checklist to raise your Brand Grade
  • 2-hour session to review and answer questions


Contact us today to talk about how we can start your brand assessment and get you on the path to an easier business life and higher profits.