Understanding your customers is one of the biggest obstacles that business owners face. We have a vague idea of who our ideal customer is but its hard to nail down exactly who this person is because we're either afraid to ask the deep questions or we will limit our opportunities by narrowing who we work with. I'm sorry, but you cannot help everyone.

Marketing research is expensive and only for big companies. That's a myth. But big data seems scary and the Google just doesn't seem to give you the answers you need. There is a science to understanding your customers and translating it is an art. Our customized system called Stalker is designed to ask the right questions and weave those answers into the story you need to tell. That is the foundation that your marketing plan is built on.

Once you figure out this one piece of the business puzzle, OMG! how it opens doors. All of a sudden marketing is so easy because you know what your customers are thinking all the time. Like you have a crystal ball predicting their future.


Your mentor tells you that you need to develop a customer avatar. WTF is that? An avatar? You mean like the tall blue people in that movie? Googles customer avatar, more confusion ensues.

You know some facts about your customers like their age, job, income range and education level. You might even know what social media platform(s) they like and the magazines they read. But do you know their hopes and fears? What are the things that keep them up at night?

It's no secret that every business guru and blog on the planet will tell you that you need to know your customers and the best way to find these things out is to just ask them. Get on Facebook and just ask them. But you've done that and all you hear are crickets.

Wouldn't it be nice to not guess what marketing strategies will work?

Understanding your customers will give you a solid foundation to build a strong marketing plan that actually works. You will be able to read people's minds and develop & design products and services that solve their problems. It's like a weight will be lifted off of your shoulders.

Having a deeper understanding of how customers want to work with you will help you with making better and faster decisions on how to build, design & develop products and services that solve a specific problem. You'll be able to make marketing planning easier because there is no more guessing.



What comes into focus with understanding consumers:

  • Learn how research is designed and conducted
  • Personas deck with target customer profiles including demographics & psychographics
  • Recommendations on messages and distribution channels to reach your target
  • Go-to-guide or reference for product and service design & development
  • 2-hour consultation to ask questions and get clarity on personas


Build a solid foundation for your marketing strategies by understanding what your customers are thinking, what they want to buy from you and how they want to work with you. Contact us today to design research that asks the right questions and answers all yours.