Everyone on your team is responsible for executing your vision. Do they know what that vision is or have ideas on how to move it forward? Everyday tasks kill the creative & innovative. Another meeting isn't going to push the elephant in the room out the door. The elephant in the room being squelched creativity & innovation among your team. You haven't gotten this far to settle for status quo and to keep moving forward you need to bring ideas to light and then figure out ways to implement them.

Sometimes we just need a gateway to bring that creative spark back. And sometimes that gateway needs to be structured to accomplish the goal at hand. Workshopping (is that even a word?) is a great way to light that fire. Workshops are a little getaway from everyday work that opens up the gateway to spark ideas for growing your business. It allows you and your team the space to let creativity & innovation flowing and create implementation plans to move those ideas forward.

Workshops are scheduled and structured activities for your team to come together in a safe place to learn and express their thoughts. Working through problems and building action plans are results that help businesses & teams grow.

Creative Workshops are the solution to team building and making a safe environment for ideas to percolate and form. Our philosophy is that structure stimulates out of the box ideas. Not everyday structure, but structure in a creative setting can pull teams together to come up with that next big idea. It helps them understand the big vision and create strategies for growth.



Death by meetings is for real. #thestruggleisreal

Does your team or you need another meeting? They become monotonous & boring. No one has any new ideas and everyone sits there thinking, 'can't I just go do my job?' Every idea is the same, every strategy is the same, every solution is the same. Status quo and the sea of sameness has never grown anyone's business. 



Julia Child said, 'a party without cake is just a meeting.' So we incorporate fun things like cake (and maybe a glass of bubbly) to get the conversations flowing more freely to get people to open up and feel they are in a safe environment to express their ideas. Creative workshops are meant to be free flowing but with enough structure from the moderator to get people's minds moving in the right direction and accomplish the goal or problem we are trying to solve.

You'll benefit from a list full of ideas that could get your business to the next big thing. You can begin to explore and develop strategies to the next step in your business. And your team will feel more connected to your vision and take it as their own. Communication internally and externally will be genuine & consistent because the whole team has contributed to ideas that move everyone forward.

What you get...

  • Half or full day workshop
  • Moderated exercises with notes
  • Workbook/slide deck with topic information and exercises
  • Topline report of moderator notes after the workshop
  • Action plan for moving new ideas forward


Get your team together for a workshop that gets to your organization’s next big idea.

We’ll put together a tailor-made workshop with your needs in mind to solve the problems that YOU need fixin’. Let’s talk about how we can do business better.