Hey, I'm Ronii. Then, I normally follow it up with, 'that's with 2 eyes because I'd look pretty silly with only one.' It takes people a minute to get it. I'll wait.

See, you smiled. Everyone does. And that makes me happy.

Operations and Marketing Consultant and Coach for Creatives - Sweet Lucy

You're probably thinking, 'who is the crazy chick that drinks champagne all day and loves cats + 'mingos and has the cutest boxer puppy ever named Lucy?' {That's me + Lucy ->}

I did the corporate 9 to 5 thing. I left it to do my own thing. I went back to the corporate 9 to 5 thing. And I'm still doing my own thing. If the conference table has 8 sides I've sat on each one... operations, marketing, branding, IT, accounting, HR, you name it I've work in it. It's made me a well-rounded girl boss. I understand big thinking strategies + concepts and can break them down into actionable plans. My gift to the world is teaching + I can teach you how to make more money with less effort.

I'm good at what I do. I'm good at helping others make their ideas + businesses more beautiful, focused, efficient and effective. I've scraped by on pennies only to make the choice between toothpaste and a bottle of 3 Buck Chuck {FYI, I'm afraid to say the wine won. It has alcohol and alcohol kills germs hence your mouth is clean. You're welcome}. I've 'faked it until I make it.' I've bought into every program out there hoping it was the miracle course that made it all come together. I've taken risks, I've played it safe, I've done nothing, I've worked my ass off, but it has all lead me here. Almost 10 years in now + I make my own destiny. And I hope to help you shed a little light on how you can too.

Charleston Operations and Marketing Coach for Creatives

Work Creds

This is getting a little long now but if you are still with me and you want a list of some of my jobs from previous lives you can find them here.

Also, I have a fancy pants MBA from The Citadel. It took me 4 years while working full time and I worked my ass off. But it took me to great places and I made a ton of amazing friends who I still work with today.



Then there's this list of organizations I've been involved with and other people who sorta think I'm awesome:

All this has led me to my work today - serving as a Creative COO for exciting brands and helping them make their customers wanna pop bottles all day long.

Think we might work well together?