Fast and Furious

I recently was faced with a huge dilemma: do I meet a deadline and rush the design process or do I take the time to get it right and miss the deadline. Ugh! Thing is, I don't miss deadlines! I was stressed out beyond belief, as any designer would be. I decided to rush it and get the design to my client so he could move along with his marketing plan.

I know that every single designer has been in my position. We've all had clients call us and say the deadline was yesterday and we kill ourselves to make sure it's done asap only to find out it wasn't as urgent as the client said it was. Pulling all-nighters doesn't help anyone - not me, not the client. The design suffers and nobody's happy.

I guess this is a plea to all potential design clients: please give your designer a chance to do the best for you by giving him or her the time they need to develop the right design for you. If you truly have a rush job be prepared to pay a rush fee for the service and possibly have fewer opportunities for feedback.