Champagne, Anyone?

So by now, you've probably noticed that we are a silly bunch and clearly, we think we're pretty entertaining, too... I'm sure that some of you have heard about this thing called "Champagne Thursdays" we have at the office (yes, we're classy ladies). Well, that pretty much sums up our culture. We approach our work with passion, interest and enthusiasm and our office is always full of laughter and energy (except when we eat, it's dead silent).

Every company already has a culture. They may not be aware of what it is or if it is the right one but it's there. Your culture is the kind of paper you use to print your letterhead on, the way you answer the phone, your blogging style and the smile on your face. As a graphic designer, I naturally concentrate on the type of print and web communications that come out of my clients' offices but I am well aware of the other things that make up a company's brand and culture.

What we do, is make sure that the culture matches the image that a company wants to project. A brand must be "lived" at an organization for it to be successful. So, next time you answer the phone or write an email think about how you sound. Does your entire team share the same consistent communication style? Check out our section on Challenges and Opportunities of Brand Development on our website. We are curious about your culture. Tell us, what makes you so special, huh? ;)