Mommy & Business Woman Collide

I am thrilled to become a member of the Bartles & Associates team. Being a stay-at-home mom for over four years now and watching my best friend branch out and become and entrepreneur inspired me to get back out in the business world. I haven’t totally been out of the business world though. I have been in direct sales for the past six years as an Independent Jeweler for Premier Designs Jewelry. This has allowed me to use and expand my knowledge of running a business and marketing myself. Direct sales is not an easy job and requires lots of motivation and determination, and this is what I intend to bring to B&A as an Account Executive.

When Ronii approached me to come work at B&A, I jumped at the chance. I get to sharpen and expand my business marketing skills and still get to be at home with my two handsome boys. I also hope to help B&A expand into other areas of the country, being as how I live in Martinsburg, WV.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not all business. I am a people person and love to socialize and partake in an adult beverage on occasion, especially being around a 5 and a 3 year old all day, every day. I do need adult girl time. One would say my weaknesses are jewelry, shoes, and purses. However, my boys are my #1 weakness. There is nothing more rewarding than those loving moments only little boys can give their mommy. But I need to be Jenn and not just Mommy all the time.

Being a 1999 graduate of Shepherd University majoring in Business Marketing and having backgrounds in real estate, office management, and direct sales, I feel that I am going to be a perfect fit with Bartles & Associates. I can’t wait to start working with current clients and bring in some of my own clients from West By God Virginia!

~ Jenn