Consistency In Business

Consistency!  Ever hear that used in business?  I have, many times.  If there is one thing I have learned from being in Direct Sales, is that consistency helps you succeed.  At every training I attend for Premier Designs, we talk about consistently working our business.  We need to keep in contact with our hostesses, keep in touch with our customers, meet new people, make those phone calls, send those emails, and attend meetings and trainings. Being consistent in all these areas helps you build your business and succeed, and let’s face it; it’s good customer service.  To be consistent, I set time aside each day or week to take care of all these “tasks”.  If I can’t get them done when allotted (because we all know that sometimes life happens and children are unpredictable) then I adjust and set time aside later in the week.

I find that this transcends to any type of business.  Looking back to my time as a Realtor, I had to be consistent in my daily duties as a Transaction Coordinator.  I had to set aside time to return emails, make phone calls, set up home inspections or schedule closings.  Each week, I had to send out newsletters to our buyers and sellers.  Each week, there was a Sales Meeting to attend.  The most important task was making sure properties and the Realtors I worked for were marketed and advertised in the appropriate magazines and online.  Brand messages and marketing communications need to stay consistent for businesses to help with recognition, which generates more clients.  You could say the same about Coke or Apple.  They are consistent with their branding and marketing strategies and are easily identifiable.  All this being consistent helps a business grow.

And now at B&A, I have to be consistent in preparing what our clients want and need.  Being consistent in attending meetings and returning phone calls are the key to growing our company and getting new clients. Plus, it is smart to practice what we preach.  We provide branding strategies and marketing messages to keep our clients consistent in their messages and grow their business, so it only makes sense for us to do the same.  Consistency to me is the most important attribute that is needed to be a successful businessperson or entrepreneur.