8 Ways to Think Like a Creative Genius

The pressure’s on.

There’s a deadline.

And you're looking at a very blank page on your screen.

For what feels like hours when it’s really only been like… 5 minutes.

You think, 'Why does this keep happening to me?'

Procrastination is your best friend and your worst enemy when it comes to writing, designing + creating.

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Things Go Wrong… 5 Tips to Still Rock It Out


How can this be happening… AGAIN?

Are you kidding me?


I know I am not the only one who has ever said these… repeatedly… sometimes it seems like I say them every day. Please tell me I am not the only one. You have had these moments… right? Shew! I feel so much better now. Actually, I am gonna let you in on a little secret about me… when I have THESE days I feel so much better after a long cry. (OOOHHH it’s not taboo to talk about crying now I hope).

Anyway… recently I had a fuckin meltdown because NOTHING was going right in my personal or professional life. I was feeling inadequate all the way around. NOT GOOD! I do believe that if you are trying to run a household, juggle two jobs AND two kids, something is bound to go wrong at least once a day. Well, mine hit several at a time and all within 24 hours.

End of the school year. ‘Won’t work worth a damn’ internet service. Can’t watch videos for B&A Book Club because of said crappy internet. Causing your boss more work. Starting a part time job. Not getting client work done faster. House looking like a tornado came through weeks ago and still is trashed. Ok I think you get the picture… or do you need more? No, I am done… for now ;).

If you feel me Tweet: Got #99Problems but does anyone really care?

Ok let me get to the fuckin’ point… we all have these days. Sometimes they are completely out of our control and there is NOTHING you can do about it at the time. But, what you do is what will define you. You can either go sulk in the corner and complain about it on Facebook, Twitter and to your friends for days on end or you can just roll with it (Tip #1). I tend to just let it all pile up and then have a meltdown (don’t ever knock the healing power of a good cry). I swear I feel 90% better after a good long cry (Tip #2) and then all you have left to do is just roll with what has been dealt to you at that particular time. You pick yourself back up, blow a kiss at your reflection in the mirror and go get shit done!

Business won’t get done while you bitch and whine and complain about it. Put your big girl panties on and OWN IT (Tip #3)! If you caused more work for said boss (ahem… Sorry Ronii!), just apologize and move on to the next item on your to-do-list and ROCK IT. Client work doesn’t wait for you to keep beating yourself up. And, yes, electronics suck and don’t always work when you are expecting them to so you take a break. Go sit out on the deck with a glass of wine to calm the stress that is building up and adding to your breaking point (Tip #4). Go talk to your best friend (you know she always makes you feel better because of her quirky attitude and AWESOME personality…ahem…again Ronii that’s you – five). Just walk away from the problem for a few and come back renewed and ready to take on the world!

Don’t ever let your feelings of inadequacy or technology crappin’ out be what defines you. MAKE the actions on how you deal with these little hiccups in life and business be what defines you! So are you going to continue to beat yourself up…OR… roll with the punches? Tell me your ‘shit hits the fan’ story. I bet we can relate and pull together, together (wait, that looks weird but oh well I’m rolling with it).

What Exactly Do You Do?

“I see you work for a company called Bartles & Associates. What exactly do you do?” Ummm… what do I do? Let’s see... I write blog posts, play around on pinterest, facebook, and twitter, drink Champagne… Hmmm… oh I also handle office management stuff, write copy for websites, revamp current marketing material, and create strategies. That about covers some of what I do at Bartles & Associates. Sounds a little hectic, but hey we have marketing to do. Did that answer your question?

Oh, you want to know how we market your business? I see. Well, that is a little more complicated and involves lots of Champagne and brainstorming. Every company is different you see. We find your strengths and work with those to provide you with the maximum potential for marketing your company. Oh you don’t understand that? LOL! Let me try this simpler explanation… We find what works best with the operations you already have in place in your company and use those to your advantage. We help give you an edge…find what sets you apart from your competitors and FLAUNT IT! We help make your marketing materials cohesive, so that the same information appears EVERYWHERE! We make you POPULAR so get you noticed!

Oh now you understand what I do! GREAT! Think you can explain it back to me? Because really understanding what we do helps us, help you. I may get overwhelmed and client work gets a little (or A LOT) hectic at times, but working at B&A I always remember the Champagne… and that boss of mine (LOVE YOU!) always nagging about blog posts and needing this sales strategy or that copy edit on website content or following up with a client about lord knows what, won’t let me forget… Oh who am I kidding… I LOVE MY JOB AT B&A! You gotta know what you do and LOVE IT! So ask me what I do and I will tell you… 

Be Awesome

Not boring. Don’t be boring. Boring is….easy. It’s lame! The worst part is, anyone can be boring. The whole world is boring! Especially the business world and the people in it. Boring status updates. Boring newsletters. Boring advertisements. Boring clothes, uggh!

Wake the hell up! This is LIFE people. The opportunity for approximately 100 years of pure awesomeness, or what COULD be pure awesomeness if you let it. For most of us there is that 20-something confusion before the suit and tie, the 30-something doubt if you’re on the right path, or that 40-something regret that you haven’t (yet) fulfilled your life dream. You’ve got air in your lungs and a beat in your chest. Do something about it. Be awesome!!

An excerpt: “Two roads diverged in the woods… and I took the road less traveled. And it HURT man! ROCKS! THORNS! And GLASS! That shit broke! NOT COOL ROBERT FROST.” – Kid President

So, what if there really were two paths at your 20-something confusion before the suit and tie?  Forget traveled or less traveled. Did you choose the path that leads to awesome? Are you on it now? Are you getting out of bed in the morning wearing awesome pajama pants? There’s a quote that reads, “Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says ‘Oh shit! She’s up!’” Now, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing, nor does it apply only to women. This simply suggests that you’re a BAMF and you’re about to go about your day bring a totally awesome BAMF.  Positivity and creativity go hand in hand, and both are incredibly empowering.  What will you create, share, or discover that will make this world more awesome?

I don’t know everything. I’m at my 20-something confusion but I don’t ever see myself wearing a suit and tie (figuratively). But I’m navigating through life, work, and my late-twenties by making a conscious effort to be awesome each and every day. Call it a new leaf. Call it whatever you have to until you realize that you deserve to feel awesome at all times, and others deserve someone awesome to inspire and motivate them. Go on with your bad self!

Inspiration Hits

I don't know if you have noticed or not but I have had a bit of a blog block lately. I'm having a hard time coming up with blog post and writing them, etc. etc. etc. In this quote un-quote blog block of mine, I go around the office yelling at others that, "I need a blog post by the end of the week." Lucky for me, Aga and Coco start cranking them out (they must be a little scared of me or something - I wouldn't know why).

But guess, what? ... You can't rush inspiration.

I noticed a trend with this latest blog block. We were cranking out posts and not that they weren't good (they are fabulous actually) they aren't to our true self and personality. Things have to happen to us to be inspired to be funny and find a lesson in it. We have also learned in the past few months that our clients work with us because of us and we just happen to be smart and know what we're doing. That said, our personalities HAVE to shine through in our blog for us to really reach people. And things have to happen for us to be inspired to tell our stories.

I have heard time and time again from our readers they like it when we are funny and then give a point in our quirky way. We are pretty fun and we are funny and you definitely can tell that when you are in our office. For example, last week Aga has spent her brain power incorporating the word "balls" into every conversation we have. It has made for some interesting saying that are going into the carzy sayings book for sure (just think if we put that much brain power into what we can do for your marketing and branding plans). But it just rings true that our personalities making us who we are and we just can't rush inspiration.

So this is me, confessing to you, that we may not have a blog post every single week. BUT ... I can promise you that when we do it will be us and just what you expect from us (which probably isn't a whole lot). We are true creatives in that sometimes inspiration just hits and that when the magic happens, IT HAPPENS. And you just can't make it happen because we need to fill the blog this week. That's when things start to get wonky (that's my word of the week - its a technical marketing term, BTW).

Do you agree - you just can't rush inspiration, aka good work? Is it ok if we don't post a blog every week because we don't have anything to say? What inspires you to be your true self?


Champagne Thursdays

What good is a night out if you can't have champagne. And not everyone gets so many pretty gals to serve it. DATE PHOTOGRAPHED February 11, 1949 Did you see that movie, Failure to Launch, with Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker? Know that part in the beginning of the movie when SJP walks into her house and her roommate, Zoe Deschanel, hands her a glass a champagne and SJP says, "What are we celebrating?" and the roommate says all non-chalant, "Its Champagne Thursday"? No?!?! You need to see it again then.

I have adopted this philosophy at B&A. Being positive and celebrating accomplishments even when you don't think you have one to celebrate. Celebrating because its Thursday is a way for us to slow down and think about all the things that we really have accomplished in the past week. Even though people ask me, "What are we celebrating?" and my reply might be, "Its Thursday" we are still celebrating all that we have accomplished to get to Thursday. I will be celebrating Champagne Thursday this week because B&A is growing and expanding. But next Thursday it might be a celebration because my dog was able to get in the car on her own (she is having some hip problems this winter). Regardless, I'm celebrating. I find that celebrating helps me really appreciate all that has happened in my life and everything that I am grateful for like a beautiful home, new business adventures, a loving family, a significant other that is supportive or that my cat didn't pee on my bed today. All of them are celebrations and make you think about all that you have accomplished. I don't know about you, but when I slow down for Champagne Thursdays and think about all of the things I accomplished it makes me more motivated to get even more done. 

If you stop by the B&A office on any random Thursday for Champagne Thursday we will be celebrating our accomplishments for the week. I challenge you - have your own Champagne Thursday (or any other celebratory drink if you don't like champagne) and see the difference. Or invite me over and I will help you celebrate because its Thursday.